November 30, 2009

Smart Phones with the Slimmest Design

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The Q Series smart phones are the slimmest smartphones that can be found in this competitive market. Motorola produces these phones of such design. Even though such phones are slim in design, it does not necessarily mean that the functions and features that come along with these phones are reduced or become lesser. In fact, being the latest design of phones, these phones are even more updated and of the newest applications and features being added to the phones. This article will focus on the features of this slim phone.

One of the visible features of these Q series smart phones is the slim and slender body design of this phone. Due to its small size, this phone is actually very light. The advantage of this design is that when one carries this phone around, it is not heavy at all and also due to its slimness, one can easily put in pockets or anywhere to bring around, even though of the slender design of this phone, the battery cover does not come out easily. The operating system of this smart phone is the Windows Mobile, and thus this application is rather user friendly.

The keypad found on this phone is flat and even making it easy for user to type or message one another. Not only that, the navigation keys are set and built at a higher degree and angle than the rest of the keypad. This ensures that the user can navigate around the phone’s features and applications easily using these navigations keys. This feature definitely makes it very convenient for the user.

These smart phones also act as multimedia players to store all sorts of media files. One can watch video, movies and even hear music. The slim design of this phone is really an innovative creation.


November 27, 2009

The Rapid Increase in the Number of Smart Phones being sold

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In North America, research has proven that the number of smart phones being sold has increased tremendously. This reflects the rise in demand for such high technology phones. In other words, such phones are popular among users, and the market for this product is profitable. The introduction of the I Phones and the Blackberry phones is in fact the main cause that leads to the high demand of such smart phones by people, and thus increasing the sales rapidly in North America.

During the first quarter of the year, more than 1.5 million of I Phones have been sold. As a result, Apple’s international market share for such phones has increased to more than 5 percent, which is a very remarkable result. The very first version of I Phones was actually introduced in the United States to test the market demand.

Even though there was economic recession worldwide, it did not hinder or affect the progress of the market of the smart phone industry. Demand for such phones has been on the rise in the United States, even though economic problems still exist. In North America, at least 7 million of these mobile phones were being sold. All these sales were due to the influence of powerful marketing and effective advertising.

The overall sales of the world smart phone market have also increased. The overall international sales for these phones were more than 30 million sets. The rapid increase in the sale of these phones in North America contributed at least half of that figure for international sales. The leader for this market is Nokia but with the increasing number of competitors, Nokia has to ensure that its smart phones are of the latest versions with newly added applications to the phones, so as to stay competitive in this market.

November 26, 2009

The Various Steps to Selecting the Correct Smart Phone that Suits your Needs

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As technology keeps on advancing, the development of new smart phones keeps on increasing. With a wide range of phones existing in the mobile market, which type of smart phones should one buy that can suit one’s mobile needs? This article will show you the way.


The first step would be to conduct online research through websites, which consists of topics ranging from the latest news of mobile phones and also its evaluations. One will be able to find out a lot of information. You can read the evaluations of customers on the websites who have previously or currently using the phones. One can thus get in depth information about the various phones before deciding to buy one that suits one’s needs the best.


The next step would be to know in details about the operating systems that run in the mobile phones. For instance, there was a time that this operating system – Windows Mobile 6.x existed but within two years, a better and updated version of this operating system is being created. For the current market, the latest operating system will be the Android from Google. Knowing the different operating systems of mobile phones will ensure one to know which operating system they prefer, and thus leading to their choice of phones.


The last step would be to know more about you before getting the phone. One should determine the budget that one has, as well as to know the purpose of buying such phone. If you have a tight budget, perhaps you can only buy smartphones with limited functions and an older version. One also has to know one’s purpose in buying the phone, which include either for work purposes, games purposes or even communicating purposes. Each smart phone has different features that suit to different needs.

November 25, 2009

Touch Phones-easing life with some vital features

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The world is changing drastically, now a day. The people have become more time efficient and also do not want to have their resources wasted. They can not carry notebook PC everywhere and the normal mobiles do not meet the specifications desired according to the needs. The best product which can serve as a link between these smart mobile phones and the PCs is a touch phone. They are one of the best machines that are built to deliver facilities that ease the working on a phone. The best touch phone reviews say that this lot of touch phones is just a beginning and the innovation has a long lasting implication.


A touch phone that ranks high in the list in the category is the Samsung SGH-F480. It can be termed as an unsung hero that has made people aware of the touch phone revolution and its applications. This is easily accessible and also has a 5 mega pixel camera to add to the touch screen features. The visual appearance of the phone is impeccable and it also has features to add downloaded features into it. It can also send and receive calls when connected to the computer via USB connectivity. The tabs on the home screen can be dragged to enlarge a picture or to open an application. The touch screen has been developed over extensive research and thus the inner micro granules catch the slightest whiz of our fingers. The GPS enabled touch phone has excellent user interface and hardware up gradation features, to acquire a 3G network making it the most desired product today. The phone has video player inbuilt that gives a vibrant display with superb voice, thus shaking the world around.


E-Mailing features is what most of the touch phones possess today. All handsets have features of SMS, but these have advanced features of accepting, editing, composing and sending e-mails. With this feature incorporated in the package, the smart phone has become a complete assistant to you where you can go into the depths of internet, any time.

November 24, 2009

Touch phones-delivering competence with elegance

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Phones have become a necessity today, with most of the population using them. The industrial revolution has made these phones to be structured in a manner to save resources, on the manufacturer’s side as well at the user’s side. Touch phones are one such developed model that brings a revolutionary change in the mobile fraternity. They have LCD screen that can be accessed from fingers or a stick provided with the phone and thus are addressed as touch phones. The first of its kind touch phone was made by IBM in 1992. It had several features that the touch phones of today possess, but that model had a black & white display, indicating towards further modifications.

The main feature of a Touch phone is its screen. It is such an exquisite piece of artistic conclusions that it does not leave a blink of touch, unnoticed. The touch phone, in true sense has no other accessory that is as important as the screen and the most expensive too. Due to these elegant features, the cost of the touch phone was a bit higher. The initial touch phones were very high in price and thus were out of reach of the common public. The superb functionality keyboard, styled options, minimum button accommodation and QWERT virtual key button make the new touch phones conspicuously ahead of their time. Today, the electronic giants are concentrating on decreasing the cost of these touch phones and making them available for the general public. Blackberry, Apple, Nokia, LG and Samsung are some big names that have developed some superb quality applications.

Apple iPhone is one of the many available touch phones. The best touch phone reviews state that the features of this phone are far ahead of its time. The zooming functionality, exclusive Apple ear plugs that provide the best, proven voice and the stylish look makes it a treat to use. AT&T laboratories developed this phone and have included some unique user friendly features in it that incorporate the phone in the category of artistic innovations.

November 23, 2009

Some exquisite features of Smart Phone

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Smart phone is a common name today. Many of us might have worked on it, or felt the excellent features it has. It can be, undoubtedly called a mini computer or smartphone pda that keeps you in touch with the internet connectivity and keeps you up to date with the RSS feeds. A mart phone, no doubt assists you in calling, as the normal phone, but also cherishes come additional features which make it a private assistant to the user. But, what exactly are the features that make it different from the normal handsets? What is it, exactly, that makes a new smartphone smarter than many of its counterparts? This article will deal with these benefits that no phone in the world provides, other than a Smart phone.

  • Operating System: The top smart phone reviews say that the distinctive feature of the smart phone is its operating system. This serves as an interface between the user and the various functionalities that the phone possesses. There are several companies manufacturing smart phone OS. The market leader in this discipline is Symbian with over 50.3% share. The other operating systems that can be found in the smart phones, worldwide are RIM Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone etc. These operating systems are just a turn down version of the operating systems that are used in desktop computers.
  • Software:  The best smart phone features include software that makes the functionality effective. Most of them comprise of different software for dealing with features as address book, internet access, contact manager etc. Java software are considered to be very effective and compatible with the smart phone software. Today, there are downloadable software that help you read and edit Microsoft Office documents, on the smart phone. The wi-fi and GPS software keeps the user in track and gives him instant knowledge, as well.  

November 20, 2009

Smart phones- The next generation machines

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Mobile technology has been one of the fastest developing items, in the current times. Today, people can not imagine their lives without a handset. This has become one such commodity that people cannot walk without. They can leave back their wallets while leaving the house, but not their mobile phones. The main drawback with the mobile phones of the last century was their inability to access internet. They had all the other features but the internet access was lacking. Besides, they also lacked the features of entrepreneurs’ access as the Excel sheets and online money transfer. The manufacturers had this portfolio in their minds, and soon emerged the revolutionary, stylish, full of added-features- new Smart Phone. It delivered all the expected features and many more to accredit.

A best smartphone can be termed as a sibling to the mobile phone with some additional features that make it distinctly ahead. It also had features that the Personal Computers possess and thus it can be termed as a mediocre between the normal handset and the computer. They normally have an inbuilt interface in the form of an operating system that serves as a platform for all the applications to run. It is like a normal phone, with some very advanced features such as e-mail function, net access, e books reader, full length keyboard, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, IR etc.

The best new touch phone reviews say that the main difference is that of built up and the features in these phones. It is just a phase of evolution that we are seeing these smart phones. Going down the lane, we can have even more evolved machines that are much smaller in size, may attain excellent level of functionality and which may not be included in the category of phones any more. They may be an additional asset which may have clouded applications to show you the unique world of connectivity

Buying Tips for Smart Phone Users

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Smart phones are the most popular phones of the market. There are many types of smart phones and every of them have some common features and some types have some unique features. You can be confused to choose the best one for you.

Smart phone is that which has functions like normal cell phones and PDA or Personal Digital Assistant. Some tips are given below to ensure the best smartphone for you.

1. You have to be sure about the operating system of your phone because there are various operating systems for various companies’ smartphones. It will be better if you choose the familiar operating system oriented cell phone.

2. What will be the screen of your mobile touch or normal? What will be the screen size of your mobile and will the screen be protected from any uneven destruction? You have to clear about those questions before buying one.

3. Every smart phone has its own built-in memory and the option to extend the memory. Some offers 2-32 GB extended memory and you have to choose how much you need.

4. The RAM is the effective factor of every type of smart phone. This memory will need to run any application in your phone and if you have higher memory with perfect efficiency then your mobile will take shorter time to open and execute any application.

5. Smart phones contain Bluetooth and IrDA services but you have to know how fast they really are. Many also support the WiFi and 3G. They are both for higher internet speed. So before buying any smart cell phone ensure about the WiFi or 3G because they work like same but the technology is different.

6. You have to make sure that your cell phone will support GPS system and there are many programs which have to be supported by your phone.

There are many other options like the keyboards, video recording, camera, voice recordings etc. which you have to check before buy any smart phone. If all the requirements satisfy you then you can buy the phone and surely it will change your life.

November 18, 2009

The history of smart phone

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Up to now, smartphone is very popular worldwide. But there is no identical definition for this term. Generally, a smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with pc-like functionality. According to David Wood, EVP at Symbian Ltd., “Smart phones differ from ordinary mobile phones in two fundamental ways how they are built and what they can do.”

So according to this theory, what we call now smartphone may be different in a certain past time.The first “smart phone” appeared in 1992 produced by IBM. At that time it was called Simon and first exhibited at the Las Vegas trade show Comex. Simon was designed to have the function of email, fax, world clock, calendar, calculator, address book and touch screen. But actually it did not work well.

Communicator is the next try by Nokia in 1996. The Comunicator 9210 nodel was the first smart phone with an operating system. Although Communicator did not become popular as it was out of reach of most people. After this the idea of third party applications was introduced, when in 2001 Handspring released the Palm OS Treo which also featured wireless web browsing, email and contact organizer.
It was not until 2002 when the company Research in Motion launched the original Blackberry that smartphone reached a wider market.

But it was still confined to business people that can work anywhere they go.

It was still memorable as blackberry was the first mobile device that has the function of wireless emails. This model opens a new roadmap for the smart phone research in future.

2007 witness the born of Apple iPhone. This new smartphone was a revolution in the field of mobile web browsing and touch screen.

Besides, it was designed fashionable and much sexier than predecessors.

In 2008 Apple application store was opened for people to download apps to their iPhone handset. Now the store has more than 50,000 applications and well over 1 billion downloads.

Then other smartphone providers follows Apple’s step and open their own app stores for users downloading. Research in Motion recently opened its first app store called the Blackberry App World.
So we can see the fierce competitions among the major players. The compition can push those producers to innovate their smartphone.

November 13, 2009

Smart Phones are popular among college students

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Cell phone and wireless technology have been changing the world in which we live.  Cell phone changed our communication ways. It has made our lives smoothly.
With the development of technology, cell phones update gradually. Now Smartphone has come to our life. Smart phone become very popular especially among college students. Today, smartphones such as iPhone, Research In Motion Ltd.’ s BlackBerry and other mobile devices are as much a part of university life as study halls and Thursday night pub outings.
According to a recent survey of 270 college students, 38.5 percent of them own smart phones. The study also shows that 49 models of smartphone are used by all those respondents, iPhone is among which the most popular, occupying 18 percent.


The study also revealed:

1 About 84 percent of smartphone users have a device with a GPS locator, and half say they use the system to find the location of products or services.

2. Nearly 60 percent of smartphone owners have downloaded an application in the past few months.

3 About 24 percent of smartphone users have downloaded or purchased music, and about 21 percent have obtained mobile video games.
Why smart phone become so popular among college students. First I think most smart phone is cool design. It is fashionable to use one. What’s more, smart phones offer advanced capabilities with personal computer-like functionality.


Hanley said:”College students are attracted to smartphones for a variety of reasons, including their ability to easily access the Web.”Those smart phones have the function of linking users to popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter. By access those sites people can keep up with what their friends are doing and also exchanges messages to find out the latest trends among their age group.

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