November 18, 2009

The history of smart phone

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Up to now, smartphone is very popular worldwide. But there is no identical definition for this term. Generally, a smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with pc-like functionality. According to David Wood, EVP at Symbian Ltd., “Smart phones differ from ordinary mobile phones in two fundamental ways how they are built and what they can do.”

So according to this theory, what we call now smartphone may be different in a certain past time.The first “smart phone” appeared in 1992 produced by IBM. At that time it was called Simon and first exhibited at the Las Vegas trade show Comex. Simon was designed to have the function of email, fax, world clock, calendar, calculator, address book and touch screen. But actually it did not work well.

Communicator is the next try by Nokia in 1996. The Comunicator 9210 nodel was the first smart phone with an operating system. Although Communicator did not become popular as it was out of reach of most people. After this the idea of third party applications was introduced, when in 2001 Handspring released the Palm OS Treo which also featured wireless web browsing, email and contact organizer.
It was not until 2002 when the company Research in Motion launched the original Blackberry that smartphone reached a wider market.

But it was still confined to business people that can work anywhere they go.

It was still memorable as blackberry was the first mobile device that has the function of wireless emails. This model opens a new roadmap for the smart phone research in future.

2007 witness the born of Apple iPhone. This new smartphone was a revolution in the field of mobile web browsing and touch screen.

Besides, it was designed fashionable and much sexier than predecessors.

In 2008 Apple application store was opened for people to download apps to their iPhone handset. Now the store has more than 50,000 applications and well over 1 billion downloads.

Then other smartphone providers follows Apple’s step and open their own app stores for users downloading. Research in Motion recently opened its first app store called the Blackberry App World.
So we can see the fierce competitions among the major players. The compition can push those producers to innovate their smartphone.


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