November 23, 2009

Some exquisite features of Smart Phone

Posted in smart phone at 1:34 am by grace

Smart phone is a common name today. Many of us might have worked on it, or felt the excellent features it has. It can be, undoubtedly called a mini computer or smartphone pda that keeps you in touch with the internet connectivity and keeps you up to date with the RSS feeds. A mart phone, no doubt assists you in calling, as the normal phone, but also cherishes come additional features which make it a private assistant to the user. But, what exactly are the features that make it different from the normal handsets? What is it, exactly, that makes a new smartphone smarter than many of its counterparts? This article will deal with these benefits that no phone in the world provides, other than a Smart phone.

  • Operating System: The top smart phone reviews say that the distinctive feature of the smart phone is its operating system. This serves as an interface between the user and the various functionalities that the phone possesses. There are several companies manufacturing smart phone OS. The market leader in this discipline is Symbian with over 50.3% share. The other operating systems that can be found in the smart phones, worldwide are RIM Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone etc. These operating systems are just a turn down version of the operating systems that are used in desktop computers.
  • Software:  The best smart phone features include software that makes the functionality effective. Most of them comprise of different software for dealing with features as address book, internet access, contact manager etc. Java software are considered to be very effective and compatible with the smart phone software. Today, there are downloadable software that help you read and edit Microsoft Office documents, on the smart phone. The wi-fi and GPS software keeps the user in track and gives him instant knowledge, as well.  

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