November 30, 2009

Smart Phones with the Slimmest Design

Posted in smart phone at 7:10 am by grace

The Q Series smart phones are the slimmest smartphones that can be found in this competitive market. Motorola produces these phones of such design. Even though such phones are slim in design, it does not necessarily mean that the functions and features that come along with these phones are reduced or become lesser. In fact, being the latest design of phones, these phones are even more updated and of the newest applications and features being added to the phones. This article will focus on the features of this slim phone.

One of the visible features of these Q series smart phones is the slim and slender body design of this phone. Due to its small size, this phone is actually very light. The advantage of this design is that when one carries this phone around, it is not heavy at all and also due to its slimness, one can easily put in pockets or anywhere to bring around, even though of the slender design of this phone, the battery cover does not come out easily. The operating system of this smart phone is the Windows Mobile, and thus this application is rather user friendly.

The keypad found on this phone is flat and even making it easy for user to type or message one another. Not only that, the navigation keys are set and built at a higher degree and angle than the rest of the keypad. This ensures that the user can navigate around the phone’s features and applications easily using these navigations keys. This feature definitely makes it very convenient for the user.

These smart phones also act as multimedia players to store all sorts of media files. One can watch video, movies and even hear music. The slim design of this phone is really an innovative creation.

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