December 31, 2009


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Here we can see some interesting and important facts about smart phone features.

Operating software: operating system or software is a most important feature of a smart phone that controls all types of operation in that smart phone. You can able to check these applications for your own personal information management and find the most useful application for your use. There are many more “freeware” and “shareware” versions for each type of mobile phone operating system. So you need to check that for the compatibility of the software with your operating system before installing. So while selecting your desired smart phone you need to select the platform for that software.

So find out the desired software, as per your requirements.

Applications: Your smart phone should have all advanced features and applications that should make it really a convoluted gadget. You can able to handle that device easily, this is important. An other important thing is connectivity. It has been most important consideration now days. A smart phone should have several options in their connectivity.

That one can able to operate in different frequencies also.

So you have to choose your smartphone accordingly. What is the draw back here? If your smart phone doesn’t have compatibility with major frequencies, then you have to suffer with non availability or non-usage of that respective location. So, smart phones always build up with a “quad band” technology. So it can be/should be used anywhere in the world.

Battery life is another important factor for a typical smart phone. It should offer a long stand by time like up to 400hrs normally. Also talk time should be up to 10hrs.

These are the few points about smart phone features in terms of software, connectivity and battery. All these features may seem irrelevant here. But, very important factors for a typical smart phone.


December 30, 2009

Smart Phone-A Status Icon

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Now days advanced “smart phone” become a status symbol. Is this real? Here we can see about this, how far it’s going to or seems real.

Some important features of your smart phone is not only helping you in technically, also shows your ability and richness to others. You can see some rich peoples; those are holding a $500-$700 value smart phone casually. May be some of them are not familiar with its applications too. They can able to operate or not that’s doesn’t matter. But those people will also keeps a best smart phone in their packet. What is the reason? All are examples for status symbol. They thinking that it could reflect their richness and commitment or familiarity with modern and advanced technology. 

Touch screen: who are using touch screen phones will attract other more than, persons those are using a normal key pad. Some persons will operate their smart phone with pen stick also.

Applications: In social meetings or in entertainment areas if you can able to stay updated with current news and such other information from all over the world, then this is a common thing you will express those information to others. Here you are staying above or advanced level when compared to your near by persons. So, all persons in that area will keep their eye and ear to watching your words automatically.

Now days many top smart phones provide the facility for RSS feed of news, weather information, etc,. In their smart phone’s display. This will help you lot. E-mail applications: with a span of time, you can able to send and receive music and video files quickly. So you can post your comments videos on face book and other social community groups. Now you can able to understand that, smart phones are really a status symbol for anyone.

December 29, 2009


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In this article I have listed many important features about a good or perfect ”smart phone”. By choosing this type smartphone, you can avail all the advanced benefits in current time.

Over view: slide or bar this is base on your wish. But it should have “qwerty key pad”.
If you would like to buy a touch screen smart phone, then check what are the technology has been included in that touch screen like TFT [thin film transistor], 256k colors, etc.

Operating system: operating system also your choice based on interest and hope. But that software should be compatible with others like, browser compatible streaming, HTML compatible browser, etc. in addition it should have some advanced one like WAP/xhtml, html, etc.

Browsing speed: A smart phone should offer high speed of browsing with the help of technologies like, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPRS. By using these technologies we can stay browsing with high speed and without any need of connecting cable.

Data handling speed: it should download and upload all the documents very quickly with the help of hsupa- high speed uplink packet access, hsdpa- high speed downlink packet access. This two advanced technology will transfer the files up to 10mbps for download and up to 5mbps for upload.

Network connectivity: A smart phone should be familiar with “quad band” technology. By this one, our smart phone can be operated under, 850MHz, 900MHz,1800MHz and 1900MHz. this will enable us to stay any part of the world without worry about network frequency.

Camera: do you want to use your smart phone as “handy cam”? Choose camera pixels around 10MP. Then you can able to use your smart phone as a “digital camera”.
Digital zoom up to 10x, LED flash and TV out put could be added advantage.

Memory: A smart phone should have strong memory power. So choose around 16GB as a extendable memory and around 512MB as a internal phone memory.

In addition to all the above, this should be compatible with JAVA gaming, portrait and landscape orientation, advanced v2.0 A2DP technology in Bluetooth also a essential one for good smart phone.

December 28, 2009


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Now most of the smart phones are comes with “third generation” – 3G technology. They offer many more services to touch phone users. But how this 3G is derived from its old versions? What they offered at that time? Here we can see answers for these questions.

Now we are enjoying with 3G technologies applications of MMS, E-mail, fast upload and download of office documents, send and receive audio and video files. In addition the most welcomed “video call” also in our smart phone.

But before this 3G technology, 2.5 generation is mainly used for our mobile phone or smartphone. With this technology we can send and receive Email, MMS [multi media messaging] also avail the services of send and receive video files. But the data handling speed is not like as 3G. But quite good one!

In the case of 2Generation or 2G the data handling speed is not quite good. It’s in below average only. This 2Genaration technology is operated by digital signals. This digital signals are comparatively good than analog signals which was used in the 1Generation. In This 2G technology a mobile phone can be connected to the internet by making modem calls to particular dial-up service numbers provided by the respective operator. A 2G mobile phone can browse the web through its in build WAP [wireless application protocol] software. This 2G technology provided the facility to send SMS [short message service] to its users. It was very popular among its users at that time.

When going to look at 1G it’s terribly basic one, which had many restrictions or conditions on all of its boundaries. It can able to transmit a voice call only. That can be too done with the help of analog signals only. At that time the hand sets were comparatively large in size.

But now, smart phone providers will provide the facility of 3.5G very soon. It could be a very good one in future, when compared to its all old versions.

December 25, 2009

Smart Phone-Business People’s Phone

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One of the most necessary needs of people around the world is smart phones. Possessing the best smart phone is regarded as the top priorities of any people now days. Defining a smart phone as per the usage requirements of the people varies one another.

A good smart phone has now become the basic need of every individual. It is pretty hard to imagine people’s survival without smart phones.In this existing situation each and every people needs best smart phone. Choosing a best smart phone is not such a difficult one as the smart phone depends on the every individual requirement.One can easily posses a mobile by defining their own requirements.

There are few people who did not use mobile widely. They use just for communicating with others.For such people cheaper smart phones are available. Cheaper smart phones are best option for these people.

In average smart phones following options are available: moderate built in camera, Bluetooth, GPRS, micro USB port for data transfer and an average quality standard Li-ion battery. At present, whole range of smart phones are available in most parts of world. Different touch phone manufacturers have launched their various ranges of handsets.

People using mid segment smart phones are interested to upgrade themselves rather than going for a fundamental mobile talk functionality. A smart phone with the features like 5 MP camera or better, a sophisticated camera with a better media player which plays all media files, stereo speakers with built in audio jack, and an enlarged screen display with touch screen is considered as a best mobile handset.

An entire collection of the mentioned features are available in almost with most mobile ranges. Mostly smart phones are preferred by the business people. Also the manufacturer’s primary target is business people. Using the smart phones people complete their work using the pre loaded software in the mobile itself. Most smart phone buyers are enjoying these options.

December 24, 2009


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Smart phones are really very useful to individuals like businessman, sports person and also persons who want to stay updated with current and latest technology.

After buying a smart phone, you have to understand clearly that what your smartphone can able to do with your needs and your expectations. So if you understand clearly about your smart phone, then only you can able to get best use from it.

But most (or less) people are using their smart phone just for voice communication only. They don’t know (or have no need to know) what a smart phone can able to do. Apart from voice communication as an ordinary phone we can avail following uses or applications from our smart phone as a PDA.

Application on multi media

Modern smart phones are inbuilt with high quality camera. Most of the smart phone has more than 5MP camera lenses. By this we can click an image with high quality. Not only images! We can able to take videos also like a handy cam. Some smart phone has more than 10MP. This is really a challenging one, when compared to handy cam. So we can avail digital camera or handy cam applications with in our smart phone itself.

We can share this images or videos or movie clips with our friends too. By the application of “mms”, it is possible. By using email, we can able to send these items to our friend’s inbox. If you have installed some additional software, then you can post these items in your blogs or websites.

Not only able to send, also we can receive these items and able to see by using our smart phone. Now days, some smart phone has “TV output” option. By using this technology we don’t need to send this images or videos to our PC or laptop, to watching it on TV. We can directly connect our smart phone to our TV to enjoy the action in “big screen”.

These are the sample application offered by modern smart phone.

December 23, 2009


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This title is not familiar with most of us. Is it? But this feature plays a key role in smart phone’s application.

Here we can see what this is? And why our smart phone is using this technology.


This term stands for high speed downlink packet access. Also it can be stands for high speed downlink protocol access. This has been designed to speed up the data transfer rate. By using this technology our smart phone can able to download any data at up to 10mbps speed.  But in future it can be extended up to 40mbps rate of speed.

This can be vary from one handset to another depends upon provider. Most of the smart phone are now able to access packet office like Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, one note and PDF. So we can able to access and receive this kind of files from any one.

In other hand HSUPA stands for high speed uplink packet access, this can be used to upload a file up to 7mbps rate of speed. This also can be varying from one to another.

This technology is derived to challenge earlier version EVDO [evolution data optimized] offered by CDMA

Now days, there are more than 80 networks offer this network technology all over the world. More than 150 handset models have been roaming around us with this application.

Not only in GSM, can it be improved with w-CDMA by modifying its modulation and coding. If it engages with CDMA, then become a new channel called HSDSCH stands for high speed downlink shared channel. So this channel can also able to perform its download action like as GSM.

Now all these are available in 3rd Generation [i-e, 3G]. But if our smartphone comes with 3.5 G, then we can expect and avail more from this technology.

December 22, 2009

Smart Phone Technology

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In this article we can see about two dissimilar or different applications of smart phones. Touch screen and QWERTY key pad is the above mentioned two applications.

Smart phone” users can able to understand “qwerty key pad’s” important. Once you are using this key pad, then you will never prefer to use normal key pad. Here we can see something about “qwerty key pad” as a smart phone essential part.

QWERTY key pad

This type of key pad used as to avoid some issues, which we have faced usually over the normal key pad. Most of the youngsters using their smart phone like a messenger. Most of the times they are using their smart phone to send a SMS. But using our normal key pad, we have to press a particular key continuously to get a desired letter or number. These problems are no more now.

“QWERTY key pad” contains individual button for ever letter. So we can type a message or SMS with our PC or laptop comfort. Instead of pressing a key continuously for a desired word, we need to type once only for a letter.

Touch screen

Touch screens are most attracted one, when we are going to analyze about a top smart phone. Most likely, touch screen technologies are a status symbol now days. Main reason is attraction and application. By using touch screen, we can able to access our smart phone instantly without any deviations or miss-spells.

Now days web can able to see some smart phones are having these two technologies together with in it. But Most of the smart phones are not available with these two essential applications. Available some smartphone also having its QWERTY key pad in its sliding area only. Very few of those only come in BAR type. Because of its “required larger area” drawback only pushes the providers to do like this. Even though it requires larger space, QWERTY key pads are most valuable one like touch screen.

December 21, 2009


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There are no proper definitions available to definite about “smart phone”. But “the way of they build” and “what they can able to do?” will show us the difference between ‘smart phone’ and ordinary phone’. We called “smart phone”, which one can send and read ‘E-mail’, familiar with office documents like word, excel, etc. and obviously make ‘telephone calls’. Now a days so many mobile companies offer ‘smart phone facility’ mobiles to us.

Due to tuff competition, prices are also slashed considerably when compared to earlier.Here we can see some important special features of a smart phone which makes “something special” on this name, when compare to ordinary phones.

Touch screen: – in this facility no need for “Number key pad”. We can make a call by our finger touch on ‘numbers screen’. So this facility reduces some unwanted ‘numeric keypad’ area. Smart phones are having smart look, because of this.

Operating system: – now every mobile phone has some ‘operating system’ to operate its kind of applications. Even, basic mobiles too have this feature.

So smart phones have some advanced operating system, which allows us to create and download our official documents with in our mobile itself.

Wi-fi: – This wireless fidelity allows us to connect our smart phone with internet without using any internet connection cables. It works very fast. So we can able to “browse” through our smart phones in any ‘internet facility’ enabled hubs.

GPRS: – by using this technology [general packet radio service], we can avail best uses from Google and any Maps. We can use this application as a route guide or driver to our vehicles.

All this above points are very, very important features of about a typical smartphone. Modern smart phones are offering so many features with in it. So we can use this as a mini “lap-top”.

December 18, 2009

The Need to Accept the Introduction of PDA Phones

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With technological advances, more and different kinds of mobile phones are being created in order to compete with other strong competitors in the mobile phone industry. PDA Phones are being made and used as a competitive strategy against others. These phones are also a type of smart phones.

These PDA phones are equipped with wi-fi connections so that users can be allowed to get access of the Internet. They can then surf websites, and even do email chatting with others. Besides that, users can also play online games and even watch movies and videos as entertainment purposes. These phones can act as music players so that users can listen to or hear music and songs anywhere. Not only are those, these phones equipped with features that allow one to videos. These are some of the features that bring convenience and ease to users of such phones.

An example of a wonderful PDA Phone will be the Sony Ericsson X2. This is a slide phone and is very light. Not only that, it has a very sensitive display touch screen, which is 3.2 inches wide. The user interface of this smart phone is very user friendly, hence giving easy access and navigation of the phone. The operating system installed on this phone is the Windows version. One can thus type and create word documents, slideshows and even excel sheets. The storage space is about 110 megabytes in size. This smart phone is certainly an amazing smart phone as it has many practical and useful features and applications.

As one can see, the development and creation of such smart phones keep on increasing and improving, as technology continues to progress. This is the time period when high tech products are being welcomed with both hands. Such phones are definitely here to stay.

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