December 2, 2009

Are Smart Phones too complicated for People to Use?

Posted in smart phone tagged at 6:03 am by grace

With advancement in technology, more products with high tech applications and the latest innovation are being constantly produced. Smart phones are one area where such phones of the newest and up-to-date designs and features are being continuously introduced into the market, making the older version obsolete. As more new functions and features being added on to these phones, so as to stand out from others and to survive in this intense competition, these features and applications may become increasingly complicated and difficult for people to use.

These new innovative features and applications being added to these smart phones may be useful for some users of these phones. Some of these features can help the users to access to the Internet, to able to open file documents and even be used as an organizer for people to plan their activities and meetings. However, as more of these functions are continuously being added to the phones, it may become progressively more complex and complicated for some users to apply to their daily lives. As a result, some of these users may end up being irritated by these complex devices and decide to switch to other types of phones, which require simple user interface. Such problems are rather common.

Research has proven that the more complicated the functions installed in these smart phones, the more annoyed these customers are. A positive correlation is found between these two factors. These confusing features and applications can deter the positive effects that should be realized when one uses this type of phones. It may even indirectly lead to users rejecting the use of such complicated phones, and thus switching to other more basic types of mobile phones. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers of these phones to understand the needs of customers to create more sales.

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