December 8, 2009

The Comparison between iPhone and Smart Phone

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Both iPhones and Smart Phones are specially designed and created to suit human’s needs. Each of these devices makes use of the advances in technology. If one has to choose between a phone and a smart phone, one will have to do a comparison.

The Droid smartphones by Verizon Wireless are one of such phones that have the fastest speed. The operating systems in such phones are the Android 2.0. These phones are equipped with user-friendly keyboard interfaces, which allow users to navigate easily. These phones also have screens that are high in resolution and are 3.75 inches wide. However, the cell iPhone 3G only has a screen that is 3.5 inches wide. On the other hand, iPhones 3G are much thinner as compared to the Droid. For iPhone users, they can even download iTunes songs but is not applicable to users of Droid.

The Droid enables users to enjoy a more pleasant online experience as compared with iPhone as these phones are required to install Flash Technology and AJAX. Droid also allows users to put in many different kinds of software onto the phones. However, one cannot do so using an iPhone.

One advantage of iPhones over Smart phones is that when it comes to uploading of online sites, iPhone will provide a whole view of the website but this does not apply to smart phone. Furthermore, managing the use of the iPhone is more convenient than a Smart phone. One can simply apply two fingers to zoom in and out of the website. Also, if the user of the iPhone holds the phone vertically or parallel, this phone will automatically display the screen to the angle that the user is viewing. These are some of the comparisons.

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