December 21, 2009


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There are no proper definitions available to definite about “smart phone”. But “the way of they build” and “what they can able to do?” will show us the difference between ‘smart phone’ and ordinary phone’. We called “smart phone”, which one can send and read ‘E-mail’, familiar with office documents like word, excel, etc. and obviously make ‘telephone calls’. Now a days so many mobile companies offer ‘smart phone facility’ mobiles to us.

Due to tuff competition, prices are also slashed considerably when compared to earlier.Here we can see some important special features of a smart phone which makes “something special” on this name, when compare to ordinary phones.

Touch screen: – in this facility no need for “Number key pad”. We can make a call by our finger touch on ‘numbers screen’. So this facility reduces some unwanted ‘numeric keypad’ area. Smart phones are having smart look, because of this.

Operating system: – now every mobile phone has some ‘operating system’ to operate its kind of applications. Even, basic mobiles too have this feature.

So smart phones have some advanced operating system, which allows us to create and download our official documents with in our mobile itself.

Wi-fi: – This wireless fidelity allows us to connect our smart phone with internet without using any internet connection cables. It works very fast. So we can able to “browse” through our smart phones in any ‘internet facility’ enabled hubs.

GPRS: – by using this technology [general packet radio service], we can avail best uses from Google and any Maps. We can use this application as a route guide or driver to our vehicles.

All this above points are very, very important features of about a typical smartphone. Modern smart phones are offering so many features with in it. So we can use this as a mini “lap-top”.

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