December 22, 2009

Smart Phone Technology

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In this article we can see about two dissimilar or different applications of smart phones. Touch screen and QWERTY key pad is the above mentioned two applications.

Smart phone” users can able to understand “qwerty key pad’s” important. Once you are using this key pad, then you will never prefer to use normal key pad. Here we can see something about “qwerty key pad” as a smart phone essential part.

QWERTY key pad

This type of key pad used as to avoid some issues, which we have faced usually over the normal key pad. Most of the youngsters using their smart phone like a messenger. Most of the times they are using their smart phone to send a SMS. But using our normal key pad, we have to press a particular key continuously to get a desired letter or number. These problems are no more now.

“QWERTY key pad” contains individual button for ever letter. So we can type a message or SMS with our PC or laptop comfort. Instead of pressing a key continuously for a desired word, we need to type once only for a letter.

Touch screen

Touch screens are most attracted one, when we are going to analyze about a top smart phone. Most likely, touch screen technologies are a status symbol now days. Main reason is attraction and application. By using touch screen, we can able to access our smart phone instantly without any deviations or miss-spells.

Now days web can able to see some smart phones are having these two technologies together with in it. But Most of the smart phones are not available with these two essential applications. Available some smartphone also having its QWERTY key pad in its sliding area only. Very few of those only come in BAR type. Because of its “required larger area” drawback only pushes the providers to do like this. Even though it requires larger space, QWERTY key pads are most valuable one like touch screen.


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