December 24, 2009


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Smart phones are really very useful to individuals like businessman, sports person and also persons who want to stay updated with current and latest technology.

After buying a smart phone, you have to understand clearly that what your smartphone can able to do with your needs and your expectations. So if you understand clearly about your smart phone, then only you can able to get best use from it.

But most (or less) people are using their smart phone just for voice communication only. They don’t know (or have no need to know) what a smart phone can able to do. Apart from voice communication as an ordinary phone we can avail following uses or applications from our smart phone as a PDA.

Application on multi media

Modern smart phones are inbuilt with high quality camera. Most of the smart phone has more than 5MP camera lenses. By this we can click an image with high quality. Not only images! We can able to take videos also like a handy cam. Some smart phone has more than 10MP. This is really a challenging one, when compared to handy cam. So we can avail digital camera or handy cam applications with in our smart phone itself.

We can share this images or videos or movie clips with our friends too. By the application of “mms”, it is possible. By using email, we can able to send these items to our friend’s inbox. If you have installed some additional software, then you can post these items in your blogs or websites.

Not only able to send, also we can receive these items and able to see by using our smart phone. Now days, some smart phone has “TV output” option. By using this technology we don’t need to send this images or videos to our PC or laptop, to watching it on TV. We can directly connect our smart phone to our TV to enjoy the action in “big screen”.

These are the sample application offered by modern smart phone.


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