December 28, 2009


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Now most of the smart phones are comes with “third generation” – 3G technology. They offer many more services to touch phone users. But how this 3G is derived from its old versions? What they offered at that time? Here we can see answers for these questions.

Now we are enjoying with 3G technologies applications of MMS, E-mail, fast upload and download of office documents, send and receive audio and video files. In addition the most welcomed “video call” also in our smart phone.

But before this 3G technology, 2.5 generation is mainly used for our mobile phone or smartphone. With this technology we can send and receive Email, MMS [multi media messaging] also avail the services of send and receive video files. But the data handling speed is not like as 3G. But quite good one!

In the case of 2Generation or 2G the data handling speed is not quite good. It’s in below average only. This 2Genaration technology is operated by digital signals. This digital signals are comparatively good than analog signals which was used in the 1Generation. In This 2G technology a mobile phone can be connected to the internet by making modem calls to particular dial-up service numbers provided by the respective operator. A 2G mobile phone can browse the web through its in build WAP [wireless application protocol] software. This 2G technology provided the facility to send SMS [short message service] to its users. It was very popular among its users at that time.

When going to look at 1G it’s terribly basic one, which had many restrictions or conditions on all of its boundaries. It can able to transmit a voice call only. That can be too done with the help of analog signals only. At that time the hand sets were comparatively large in size.

But now, smart phone providers will provide the facility of 3.5G very soon. It could be a very good one in future, when compared to its all old versions.


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