December 29, 2009


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In this article I have listed many important features about a good or perfect ”smart phone”. By choosing this type smartphone, you can avail all the advanced benefits in current time.

Over view: slide or bar this is base on your wish. But it should have “qwerty key pad”.
If you would like to buy a touch screen smart phone, then check what are the technology has been included in that touch screen like TFT [thin film transistor], 256k colors, etc.

Operating system: operating system also your choice based on interest and hope. But that software should be compatible with others like, browser compatible streaming, HTML compatible browser, etc. in addition it should have some advanced one like WAP/xhtml, html, etc.

Browsing speed: A smart phone should offer high speed of browsing with the help of technologies like, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPRS. By using these technologies we can stay browsing with high speed and without any need of connecting cable.

Data handling speed: it should download and upload all the documents very quickly with the help of hsupa- high speed uplink packet access, hsdpa- high speed downlink packet access. This two advanced technology will transfer the files up to 10mbps for download and up to 5mbps for upload.

Network connectivity: A smart phone should be familiar with “quad band” technology. By this one, our smart phone can be operated under, 850MHz, 900MHz,1800MHz and 1900MHz. this will enable us to stay any part of the world without worry about network frequency.

Camera: do you want to use your smart phone as “handy cam”? Choose camera pixels around 10MP. Then you can able to use your smart phone as a “digital camera”.
Digital zoom up to 10x, LED flash and TV out put could be added advantage.

Memory: A smart phone should have strong memory power. So choose around 16GB as a extendable memory and around 512MB as a internal phone memory.

In addition to all the above, this should be compatible with JAVA gaming, portrait and landscape orientation, advanced v2.0 A2DP technology in Bluetooth also a essential one for good smart phone.

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