December 30, 2009

Smart Phone-A Status Icon

Posted in smart phone tagged at 8:55 am by grace

Now days advanced “smart phone” become a status symbol. Is this real? Here we can see about this, how far it’s going to or seems real.

Some important features of your smart phone is not only helping you in technically, also shows your ability and richness to others. You can see some rich peoples; those are holding a $500-$700 value smart phone casually. May be some of them are not familiar with its applications too. They can able to operate or not that’s doesn’t matter. But those people will also keeps a best smart phone in their packet. What is the reason? All are examples for status symbol. They thinking that it could reflect their richness and commitment or familiarity with modern and advanced technology. 

Touch screen: who are using touch screen phones will attract other more than, persons those are using a normal key pad. Some persons will operate their smart phone with pen stick also.

Applications: In social meetings or in entertainment areas if you can able to stay updated with current news and such other information from all over the world, then this is a common thing you will express those information to others. Here you are staying above or advanced level when compared to your near by persons. So, all persons in that area will keep their eye and ear to watching your words automatically.

Now days many top smart phones provide the facility for RSS feed of news, weather information, etc,. In their smart phone’s display. This will help you lot. E-mail applications: with a span of time, you can able to send and receive music and video files quickly. So you can post your comments videos on face book and other social community groups. Now you can able to understand that, smart phones are really a status symbol for anyone.


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