January 29, 2010

Touch phone accessories

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With the demand of latest touch phones, touch phone accessories are also increasing in demand. As the technology is changing, more and more latest accessories are available in the market that can enhance the beauty and look of your new crush. You just have to pick the right accessory, and you are totally equipped to show off your new touch phone. These accessories not only enhance the look of touch phone but also help them in functioning well. Right from micro SD cards, hands free, Bluetooth headsets and adapters to all sort of covers, market is loaded with innumerable accessories for your touch phone.

You can buy case holders that can enclose your cell and keep it safe from scratches and other damages. Shield protectors are also used a lot as touch phone accessories as they cover the area all around the screen and thus save it from breaking. Touch covers can also be used to save the screen from several damages. When you don’t have a touch cover, chances are more likely to have scratches on the screen. A touch cover will protect it and save it from outer wear and tear. Faceplates are also the latest trend in phone accessories, which are very prominent these days.

Along with these touchphone accessories; Finger Stylus is also gaining popularity day by day. This special accessory is just needed to be worn on your thumb, and you are ready to use your touch screen phone more safely and easily. There are various stylish light pens and replacement pens available in the market that can go along well with your touch phone. These pens will help you work more precisely rather than your bare fingers, which can damage the screen.


January 28, 2010

Touch phone comparison

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It is a fact that the touch technology is slowly and slowly making its way all through the lives of the people. Not only are the PDAs , all the popular operating systems in the world getting enslaved by this touch mania. If we closely survey and go through the touch phone comparison between the normal phones and smart phones , we would come to know that the touch screen phones have made humans more and more dependent on them. People who have used the touch phones once find themselves glued to them and become less compatible with keyboards to work.

Now days, as more and more touch screen mobile phones have started operating in the market, more websites have started providing information on touch phones with appropriate touch phone comparison. When you go through these comparisons you can easily come to know that which feature is essential and, which can be neglected. What should be your priority and what not? Which brand has been praised by the consumers and which is badly kicked off? The comprehensive information and reviews by all the consumers should be thoroughly studied instead you ending up losing your hard earned money in a useless gadget.

Hence when you have gone through all the touch phone comparison from the websites and newsletters, you ought to make a list of what essential features you have to have in your touch phone. With the help of comparisons, you can easily come to know that which brand matches your requirement and can satisfy you well. Thus, you can buy your close mate in the form of an all in one touch phone, which can serve you lots of ways and prove to be your best companion.

January 27, 2010

Best Smartphones Accessories

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A smartphone is such a kind of communicating gadget, which is full of entertaining features. The miraculous accessories add much more to your entertainment. Best smartphones accessories are designed as such to enhance and enrich your phone applications. You can enjoy with the music and digital sound of your smartphone with boom hands free. It simply pours the music, through your ears to your heart. The inbuilt radio lets you enjoy the live radio in your phone. You can record songs live with the live radio feature. The Bluetooth device enables you for soft data transfer from any other phone.

A long data cable is being provided with the phone to connect your phone with the PC or laptop. You can do internet access with your smartphone. You can carry on chats with your friends. Best smart phones accessories organize your schedule in a better way. These smartphones are cheap and compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The 4GB microSD support extends the memory. It is a waterproof and a high definition LCD phone, which give clear pictures. The phone is a total entertainment package. You can enjoy videos with your friends, colleagues and relatives. Video chatting is possible through the 3G mobile service.

Best smartphones accessories add up to your personality and give more stylish looks. These phones are designed to bear havocs and don’t get damaged, even if fallen for a number of times. You can have fair discounts while purchasing a smartphone. These phones are very simple to handle. Their maintenance is also very cheap. The colors of the phone are too sharp and don’t burden your eyes. Travel charger is an added specification to your smartphone. However, it is not the part of the phone kit and is purchased separately. Pick your smartphone today, and enter the world of entertainment.

January 26, 2010

Touch phone features

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Touch phone has emerged as the latest and most high profile feature in India. A touch phone feature can range from being a GPS tracker to an internet device. It is an all in one combo which would upload you with mind blowing technology. Most of the touch screen phones have QWERTY format. Along with this you can also benefit iPod functions in your single device. You just have to flicker your fingers all around the screen, and you can scroll through all the pages you want. A single motion of your fingers would lead you to an entire new world of touch.

Some of these touch screen phones to also have a special TV out cable which states that you can play all your saved and recorded video on TV, which can be transferred through your cell phone. Most of them are well equipped with GPS map software. This can help you to locate the place doesn’t matter wherever you are. However, some of them are not provided with this feature and thus demand to get it uploaded. The unmatched internet browsing is also one of the touch phone features that open the door of high and uninterrupted web browsing. Even some of the touch phones have WiFi and wireless access.

However, if you have a touch screen 3G phone, you will be heavily loaded with unlimited touch phone features. This phone will help you surf the internet at lightning fast speed. Browsing you tube and mailing attachments can be done in a fraction of seconds. You can connect your 3G touch phone with your laptop and experience the new wave of technology that’s surrounding you. It is obvious that a 3G smart phone will always cost you more in comparison to normal touch phone.

January 25, 2010


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Mobile phones happen to be one of the most useful modern day inventions of our times. It has brought in a revolution in the field of communication and has successfully been able to transform the world into a beautiful global village where we are able to connect to each other at the touch of a button. This was practically a dream till a few decades ago, but it has been transformed now into reality by several leading telephone companies the world over. Latest PDA Phone is taking the communication process to a completely new level for the coming generation.

Latest PDA Phone manufactured today by different companies’ offers many attractive features to its customers. These smart phones have become an inseparable part of our lives and have made it simple in many ways than we can imagine. They perform all major functions you can think of. Apart from making calls, you can click pictures; listen to great music, play games, do messaging, watch videos and share pictures with friends and family online whenever you like. Latest PDA Phone is like a magic wand put into your hands by the modern telephone companies and just by clicking on it instead of waving it; you can make it perform any task that you wish. Isn’t that simply wonderful?

Latest PDA Phone enables us to connect with a lot of people over social networking sites such as Tweeter, Face book and many others with the help of its additional feature, which is an absolute delight. Some of these phones even have the facility of exchanging data provided the distances are short. Anyone who has a PDA phone will sing praises about its capabilities. The phones are bringing smiles to millions of faces across the globe by simply connecting people with each other and making the distances disappear between them.

January 22, 2010

Touch phone reviews

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If we are smart enough to analyze the latest trends in mobile phone and realize that it’s not enough to have a cell phone that can come in use of making call and messaging, we can easily come to the result that moving forward with the moving technology is very much essential these days. When we go through all the touch phone reviews available, we can understand that it is very much important to have a cell phone that can cope with all your needs. It should enable you to browse through the net, help in your work and let you click pictures wherever, and whenever you want. To have cell phone that can prove to be an all in one device should be your number one priority.

If we go through all the touch phones served for us in the market, we can surely wind up with the assurance that Apple touch phones reviews are the best. This particular company has crossed all the boundaries and serves us with its best facilities that are way beyond imagination. However, this is a 3G phone, and hence it’s a bit pricy with the amount of $299.00, still it is worth losing this much value. Motorola droid also provides the fastest and the most powerful Google access despite sum design issues with it. It has got excellent reviews with its price ranging from $199.99 to $599.99.

RIM Blackberry Bold 9700 is the first 3G mobile by blackberry and thus has maintained the reputation of the brands with its sleeker design and more powerful battery. However, it should have been more improved in terms of browser to give the best package, still has received very good touch phone reviews from the user all across the world. The next one in the race is Palm Pre, which was many awaited touch phones. Despite few issues, Palm Pre is ideal for gadget lovers.

January 21, 2010

Touch Phone Features-File Manager and Network

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Here we can see about two important features, which should is very essential one for Touch phone operations.

File manager: now most of the people are expecting that, their top touch phone should have some strong stuff against of file management. They should be able to get access into variety of office documents like, Microsoft office, Microsoft word, power point, one note and PDF. Also they should down load and upload these type of files very quickly.

To fulfill this needs, now days so many technologies have been introduced. Such as HSUPA [high speed uplink packet access] and HSDPA [high speed downlink packet access]. This two current advanced technologies offer a touch phone user to avail up to 7-8 mbps[ some brands has more than 10mbps] speed for download and up to 5mbps speed for upload above mentioned documents. Because of this kind of applications, touch phones are mostly welcomed by so many professionals.

Network: not only for touch phone, all cell phones are having some operating frequencies which are mostly differed by one country to another country. So some technologies have been introduced by the providers to enable their respective touch phones or cell phone to be used in many countries. As usual touch phones are stayed above in this term also, when compared to the ordinary cell phone.

Many touch phone providers offered up to “quad band” technology to their touch phone users. In quad band a touch phone user can avail 850MHz, 900MHz, and 1800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies all over the world. Almost these frequencies covered entire world. So a “quad band” enabled touch phone users no need to worry about network problems at all. But when compared to most of the cell phones, they mostly offered single or dual band frequency only. So you may suffer because of this, when you are going to use your cell phone into different bandwidth.

January 20, 2010


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Few years ago, very few number of PDAs were only roamed around us. But now days, many more number of touch phones are available with different type of applications. Because of the applications and special features more peoples were turned towards the touch phones. Logically, providers also increased now.

Easy to handle: all touch phones are very easy to use. We can use and handle it with our finger touch. So, no need to worry about button pressing with our fingers.

Status icon: Touch phones are on of the status symbol to us now days. Because of its applications and attractions, it increases our respect among others.

New technology: every day different type of touch phones are introduced with new and modern touch screen technology. As well as with other applications too. So every day our life becomes more comfort with these types of touch phones.

Wide screen: no need for key pads in touch screen technology, displays are become wider than the ordinary phones. With this attractive wide display, we can enjoy videos and films with more satisfaction. Even in terms of games also, we can avail a better view.

If we are going to surf the web, then wider screen could be the perfect one.

Office documents: now most of the touch phones are comes with technologies like 3G and Wi-Fi. In addition upload and download technologies are also available. These are the most useful one for office documents like, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and PDF. So wide touch screen could be right match for these types of applications. With touch technology and wide screen, we can able to access and view the documents instantly as well as clearly. These are the most used applications for persons, who use office documents frequently.

January 19, 2010


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Touch screen is a very important part among the Touch phones. So here we can see some fundamentals about touch screen technology.

There are several types of technology can be available for touch screen.

Strain gauge technology

In this strain gauge configuration the screen is spring mounted one among its four corners and strain gauges are used to determine deflection when the screen is touched. This strain gauge technology also called as a “force panel technology”. It is also can able to measure z-axis and the force of a person’s touch over it.

Optical imaging:

This is on of the modern technology in the touch screen field, in this two or more number of image sensors are placed around the edges of the screen. On the other sides of view, infrared cameras are placed in the cameras field. Though it has high scalability, this technology is growing very popularly.

Dispersive signal technology:

This system uses some sensors to detect the mechanical energy, in the glass that is caused by a human finger touch. Common algorithms are also used to cross over the information, to provide the actual location of touch. It also can able to provide excellent optical clarity, since there is no need for additional elements all over the screen.

This type technology called as “Dispersive signal technology”.

Acoustic pulse recognition

This system was introduced on three years back in variety of Touch phones. It requires two piezo electric transducers located at some positions of the whole screen, which is used to turn the mechanical energy of a touch into an electronic signal. In dispersive signal technology system, a motionless finger cannot be detected, after the initial touch. But this “Acoustic pulse recognition system’ not disrupted by any objects.

All the above mentioned technologies are widely used to build a “Touch screen” in Touch phone and some other related instruments

January 18, 2010

Touch Phones-Touch Screen Analysis

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Even though there is many more features have been included in the top Touch phones, it has some practical drawbacks among its touch screen technology also. Here we can see, what are the drawbacks they are?

A touch screen will face some ergonomic problem, when human fingers pressing it continuously for a while. It results; touch phone screen requires comparatively high pressure to face this pressing over its area. This can be relieved for some users with the use of a pen or some other touch screen operating devices to add leverage and more accurate pointing.

This type of issues of direct touch can be bypassed by using a different technique, furnished that the users finger nails are either short or sufficiently lengthy one. The finger nails hard surface contacts the touch screen at a single point itself. A result, very, very lesser amount of pressure is needed and much greater precision is possible. Alternatively to overcome it, very short stylus tips can be available. This slips it right on to the end of a finger, this increases visibility of the contact point with the screen.

In addition touch screens can suffer from the problem finger prints on the display. This can be mitigate by the use of materials with optical coatings, which will reduce the visible effects finger print oils, such as oleo phobic coated layer which has been used in the i-phone’s 3G.

To over come all these Touch phones difficulties, several advanced technologies have been used over this touch screen concept. Such as capacitive, saw, infrared, 4 wire and 5 wire. In terms of stability, all these technologies give higher stability except of capacitive technology.

In detail such technologies, 4wire, 5wire and capacitive technologies provide high level of waterproof guarantee to such things enabled touch screens. In terms of following speed, except 5wire, all remaining technologies such as 4wire, infrared, capacitive and saw is the best option. However, problems can be anything; touch screens are most used and attractive one among smart phones and Touch phones.

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