January 4, 2010


Posted in smart phone tagged , , , at 3:18 am by grace

Among many number of smart phone features, here we can see about some important and additional features.

Touch screen: A typical touch screen can be made by several technologies like, capacitive method, etc. but when going to analyze it in terms of smart phone display, it should have some properties. Though it is a centre piece for a typical smart phone, it should deliver some attractive look. Also it should have some advanced technologies like, TFT – thin film resistors etc, now days some smart phone offered up to 256k color display. Surely this type of display will give an attractive look. But one of the main draw back is, touch screens are not a life long one, when compared to ordinary keypad.

Key pad: though we can able to operate our smart phone by the help of touch screen, then what is the need for a separate key pad? “QWERTY key pad’s” are new one and added one to an advanced smart phone. This type of key pad offers all the letter of the alphabets in a separate button. So instead of pressing a particular key continuously to get a desired letter in the ordinary phones, we can enjoy the comfort over using this advance and new keypad. Now we can able to understand about this key pad over normal key pad and touch screen key pad.

Bluetooth: most of the basic models are also having this facility, and then what’s the special about smart phone Bluetooth? Usually Bluetooth’s are electronic device, which controls other electronic devices by means of electronic. This has been used for file transfer only in normal phones. But when come into smart phone applications, this electronic device has some advanced technology like v2.0 A2DP – advanced audio distribution profile.

By this technology we can listen music’s form our smartphone without any connecting cable. This is a most comfort and safety feature when compare to others.


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