January 7, 2010


Posted in smart phone at 3:04 am by grace

“Smartphone” is a new and magic word, which attracts many million of user all over the world. Their technology and uses only makes this got done. Now it becomes most valuable gift for people at home or office or on the way ….for personnel and official use.
Here we can see, what are the applications makes this possible for smart phone become smartest one.

Google mobile application: This is an excellent application for both research and information on the smart phone form Google. It enables a single blank box to type a text and while typing it looks for answers. As soon as you are finished you’re typing, then you will be redirected to appropriate site which is needed for you instantly. This search engine is really a useful one.

Google earth: Google earth also a very important smart phone application which will guide a person as like a driver who is suffered by lack of information about driving routes and locations. This navigational application provides the information to users about directions, layouts or plan about trips.

Banking application: A smart phone can provide banking application by means of “pay pal”. This is a secured and fast way to send and receive money form anyone and anywhere. Not only uses for send and receive money, has also have helped to making financial transactions for our shopping cart. This is one of the most useful applications which allow us to buy anything, anytime at anywhere.

Multi media application: this is one of the useful and entertainingly application.
By using this application smart phone users can download music, videos and films form our TV directly. Our smart phone can able to act as a hand in television by this application.

All these such a bit only, when compare to its entire applications.


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