January 8, 2010

Smart Phone Applications

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Twitter application: this is one of the great “social network” based smart phone application. This application enables us to stay and keep in touch with our friends. In this community based website provides services such as, we can read and post commands [about various topics] and messages in to different kind of blogs, groups etc. It has one build in locator itself, and we can upload our own and various images into that. We can avail and enjoy various kind of “twitter” application with in our hand and our finger tips touch it.

RSS feeds: we can stay updated about current world news and information with this application. News wire feeds will display the updates continuously in our smart phone’s touch screen display itself.

Face book: we can access this fun and entertainment application also, with in our one hand. This application allows user to access my space or face book account.

Weather touch: many smart phone providers added this kind of application also into their smart phone features list. Based on the different type of software, this weather application operates on its own. So based on this application you can know some pin point weather information about your area. Also helps to forecast the weather conditions about some specific area, which will help us to make and organize our trip safe and comfort.

Tune wiki application: this application allows smart phone users to build a virtual media library. In this system, files can be located locally on the “Android” file system or as a “web link” or “URL” to a specific multimedia asset at you tube and other related sites.
This application allows smartphone users to listen their stored music on the go.

All these above stated applications are such a bit only, when compare to its entire applications.

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