January 13, 2010

Touch Phone – Buying Tips

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If you are going to buy a “touch phone”, then please give a look on this article. It could be save your precious time and valuable money. Following are the important points to consider, for the touch phone buyers.

First decide whether you want a touch phone with or without key pad. If you think key pads are destroying or spoiling your touch phone’s look, then you can choose a slider piece which will hide that key pad area. After deciding it if you are want to buy a touch phone with key pad, then select “qwerty key pad” touch phone. This could be enough one for all kind of use. Instead of typing a particular key continuously for your desired letter in the ordinary phones, this will help you lot in terms of typing comfort.

Camera- if you want your touch phone should act like a handy cam or digital camera, then choose touch phone with more than 8MP camera quality. Now days, 12MP cameras are also available in the market. But if you are choosing high quality camera touch phones, then select phone memory and extendable memory of a hand set accordingly. With less than 8GB you can’t avail more benefit from your 10MP camera. So memory size is also important, while you are choosing higher range of cameras.

File manager- now days most of the touch phones offer all kind of packet office access. Like, you can get into access of Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, one note, power point and PDF. So to access this all frequently with high speed, your touch phone should have some advanced file management technologies like HSDPA [high speed downlink packet access] and HSUPA [high speed uplink packet access]. By using these two you can upload and download all your files very quickly. Some touch phone providers’ offer up to 10mbps download speed and up to 5mbps upload speed. So analyze and select accordingly.

Here some of the points only provided for a good smart phone. But those are very important for the same.


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