January 18, 2010

Touch Phones-Touch Screen Analysis

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Even though there is many more features have been included in the top Touch phones, it has some practical drawbacks among its touch screen technology also. Here we can see, what are the drawbacks they are?

A touch screen will face some ergonomic problem, when human fingers pressing it continuously for a while. It results; touch phone screen requires comparatively high pressure to face this pressing over its area. This can be relieved for some users with the use of a pen or some other touch screen operating devices to add leverage and more accurate pointing.

This type of issues of direct touch can be bypassed by using a different technique, furnished that the users finger nails are either short or sufficiently lengthy one. The finger nails hard surface contacts the touch screen at a single point itself. A result, very, very lesser amount of pressure is needed and much greater precision is possible. Alternatively to overcome it, very short stylus tips can be available. This slips it right on to the end of a finger, this increases visibility of the contact point with the screen.

In addition touch screens can suffer from the problem finger prints on the display. This can be mitigate by the use of materials with optical coatings, which will reduce the visible effects finger print oils, such as oleo phobic coated layer which has been used in the i-phone’s 3G.

To over come all these Touch phones difficulties, several advanced technologies have been used over this touch screen concept. Such as capacitive, saw, infrared, 4 wire and 5 wire. In terms of stability, all these technologies give higher stability except of capacitive technology.

In detail such technologies, 4wire, 5wire and capacitive technologies provide high level of waterproof guarantee to such things enabled touch screens. In terms of following speed, except 5wire, all remaining technologies such as 4wire, infrared, capacitive and saw is the best option. However, problems can be anything; touch screens are most used and attractive one among smart phones and Touch phones.


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