January 19, 2010


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Touch screen is a very important part among the Touch phones. So here we can see some fundamentals about touch screen technology.

There are several types of technology can be available for touch screen.

Strain gauge technology

In this strain gauge configuration the screen is spring mounted one among its four corners and strain gauges are used to determine deflection when the screen is touched. This strain gauge technology also called as a “force panel technology”. It is also can able to measure z-axis and the force of a person’s touch over it.

Optical imaging:

This is on of the modern technology in the touch screen field, in this two or more number of image sensors are placed around the edges of the screen. On the other sides of view, infrared cameras are placed in the cameras field. Though it has high scalability, this technology is growing very popularly.

Dispersive signal technology:

This system uses some sensors to detect the mechanical energy, in the glass that is caused by a human finger touch. Common algorithms are also used to cross over the information, to provide the actual location of touch. It also can able to provide excellent optical clarity, since there is no need for additional elements all over the screen.

This type technology called as “Dispersive signal technology”.

Acoustic pulse recognition

This system was introduced on three years back in variety of Touch phones. It requires two piezo electric transducers located at some positions of the whole screen, which is used to turn the mechanical energy of a touch into an electronic signal. In dispersive signal technology system, a motionless finger cannot be detected, after the initial touch. But this “Acoustic pulse recognition system’ not disrupted by any objects.

All the above mentioned technologies are widely used to build a “Touch screen” in Touch phone and some other related instruments

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