January 21, 2010

Touch Phone Features-File Manager and Network

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Here we can see about two important features, which should is very essential one for Touch phone operations.

File manager: now most of the people are expecting that, their top touch phone should have some strong stuff against of file management. They should be able to get access into variety of office documents like, Microsoft office, Microsoft word, power point, one note and PDF. Also they should down load and upload these type of files very quickly.

To fulfill this needs, now days so many technologies have been introduced. Such as HSUPA [high speed uplink packet access] and HSDPA [high speed downlink packet access]. This two current advanced technologies offer a touch phone user to avail up to 7-8 mbps[ some brands has more than 10mbps] speed for download and up to 5mbps speed for upload above mentioned documents. Because of this kind of applications, touch phones are mostly welcomed by so many professionals.

Network: not only for touch phone, all cell phones are having some operating frequencies which are mostly differed by one country to another country. So some technologies have been introduced by the providers to enable their respective touch phones or cell phone to be used in many countries. As usual touch phones are stayed above in this term also, when compared to the ordinary cell phone.

Many touch phone providers offered up to “quad band” technology to their touch phone users. In quad band a touch phone user can avail 850MHz, 900MHz, and 1800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies all over the world. Almost these frequencies covered entire world. So a “quad band” enabled touch phone users no need to worry about network problems at all. But when compared to most of the cell phones, they mostly offered single or dual band frequency only. So you may suffer because of this, when you are going to use your cell phone into different bandwidth.


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