February 2, 2010

Top touch phones

Posted in PDA, smart phone, touch phone at 8:33 am by grace

PDAs, especially touch phones touch phones have become a must have in today’s world, and it is thus essential to buy one. Among all top touch phones, Apple will always remain the king. No matter how many companies come and go, none can overshadow the landmarks of Apple. However, the generation of competitors is still budding at a noticeable rate. Sam sung SGH-F480 that was launched in May 2008 is still getting good business and apart from Apple, this is the one that has stolen the hearts of many touch phone fans. The price range goes up to $700 and seems quite affordable at the cost of its unmatched features.

HTC P3470 has also come up as the latest design in March 2008 with an overlay that has been borrowed from HTC Touch. Although there are few problems in navigation and input, they can be easily tackled in a presence of 3G networking. It can be purchased in $600. The Samsung Giorgio Armani Phone was launched in December 2007 with radio bands, which can access with high speed network of AT&T. This is a perfect show off tool for Armani’s fans in just $580. Another striking model that has made its place in top touch phones in LG KE850 Prada that has a cutting edge on features as compared to looks.

The HTC Touch (Sprint) has an interface that is TouchFLO and is much more improved as compared to the earlier GSM version. With the stack of all these hi-tech phones, we also have Toshiba Portege G810 launched in June 2008 that enables you to get crystal clear touch with colorful menus. LG KS20 also stands apart n the list of top touch phones. This outlook resembles more to a Prada phone. However, there is a remarkable difference in work functions.

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