February 5, 2010

Compare touch phones

Posted in smart phone, touch phone tagged , at 6:29 am by grace

If you try to compare touch phones circulating presently in the market, you will come to the conclusion that all the brands providing these smartphones are more or less in a great hurdle to overpass each other and that too as soon as possible. The Apple 3G iPhone can get on your nerves and drive you crazy with its innumerable and absolutely charming way off features. This touch phone enfolds mysterious paths to the cyber world. It feels like passing in a when your fingers move swiftly on the touch screen keypad with QWERTY format. Apple has given a new direction to touch phones.

The new Nokia touch phone is also very trendy and goes well in terms of all functions. Its LED flash and other remarkable functions make it stand out of the crowd. Blackberry storm 9500 is also well equipped and fully loaded with all the features essential for a touch phone. However, when you compare to touch phones among all these big brands, of course the finger will be raised for Apple. The safari browser which entangles GPRS EDGE, the way off fast WiFi and in and out zoom facility with just a pinch of your finger will overwhelm you with your new buy.

However, if we compare touch phones that are available in India in terms of prices, the cheapest of them was launched by a Kolkata based company named Gee Pee. It can be bought just for Rs. 7,500 which is amazingly very less price for a touch phone. These phones have been custom made in a Chinese city known as Shenzhen. When launched, they would be imported to India and distributed widely. Thus Gee Pee will make touch phones easily accessible to all.

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