February 11, 2010

The Best Smart Phone Reviews

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After making its first appearance in the nineteen nineties, Smart Phone has come across a long way of technological evolution. So, the best Smart Phone reviews must include the technological aspects of the gadget in its most up to the date form. Today’s smart phones are nothing less than computers. But romanticism about its mobile phone like features is unique. Perhaps, you won’t find too many examples to rival the public passion about Smart Phones.

Previously, the Nexus One, which is a latest Smart Phone, was available online by Google and Google only. But recently, Walmart says that it will make Nexus One available in the retail segment of the electronic market. Nexus One is compatible with data networks of EvDO 3G standards. So its coming in the retail market at large must be good news for many. Again, Apple has come up with its iPad. The best SmartPhone reviews cannot be complete without iPad. The iPad has a fantastic screen that has a diagonal measurement of 9.7 inches! However, it still uses the same iPhone apps and OS. It is an imposing tablet computer, which would mesmerize you in the very fist appearance.

More in the best Smart Phone reviews, the recent most avatar of BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Indubitably, it’s a Smart Phone, and it deserves to be one. It has a high resolution screen for robust display, sleek Trackpad navigation, expandable flash memory of 256 MB, and the typical serious metallic look. PalmPre is yet another Smart Phone that is equipped with the webOS, which is new software in this kind. Surfing through the Internet, if you stop to read a few of the mobile communication related blogs, you would come to know about the happy customers who are using them.


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