February 20, 2010

Top touch phone available in market

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The touch screen technology is the latest mania in the world of mobile technology. The geeks must have gone high with the release of this technology and if you are one of them and are fixing your mind on a particular brand, do try to analyze the market first and then go for the best one. The market is full of companies supplying touch phones hence it is bit difficult to decide the top touch phone. After a survey we can come to the conclusion that Apple is par excellent at the same time, also not much affordable to all. So the other options are also available for you.

You can try out HTC Magic which is derived from G1. It is super sleek and ahs unbelievably less weight. This is possible because Magic does not possess a QWERTY keyboard. The 3.2 inch Touch screen of this phone is ultimately sensitive. It even holds and enhanced interface with an operating system that is an upgraded version of Android. It is an awesome phone just that some problems are faced as it lacks a real keyboard. The next one in the list of top smart phone PDA is LG Arena KM900.

This phone is also marvellous with an interface that changes the menu icons into rotating cubes. The remarkable feature in this phone is its long lasting battery along with 4 mp camera and other features such as GPRS etc. There are other phones too which hold a place in top touch phone list such as Samsung Omnia HD, Sony Ericson Idou, and Nokia N97 along with Palm Pre which was considered to be the most awaited phone. All these phones are blessed with very unique configurations and ultimate beautiful looks. You just have to select the one which suits you the best and just get going with a touch phone accessorizing your hand.


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