February 22, 2010

The essential PDA features for your phone

Posted in PDA, smart phone tagged , , , at 3:32 am by grace

It is essential to first evaluate and analyse all the PDA features and then go for the best pocket PDA for yourself. Among the most important features is the operating system. It is the operating system that handles the efficiency of a smartphone. Although there are numerous software that make it easy to use the word and even the excel files work properly with an operating system, but it is always necessary to have a well efficient OS as the compatibility of these software depends on the capability of the operating system only. All the necessities boil down to have a good OS and in case it does not matter enough, you can surely opt for other options.

It is also necessary to have a good PDA processor. These days generally all the PDAs come with inbuilt CPUs which range from 200MHz to hear about 400MHz. The slow processor are enough for an entry level palm handhelds but it is important to have faster PDA features in a pocket PCs and advanced level devices. Fast processors help to access well with the complicated word as well as excel files and are also necessary for the perfect and better performance of the multimedia applications of a PDA.

Every PDA phone comes with definite internal memory and it is important to have good memory so as to store data in your phone. Presently the PDAs are coming up with an inbuilt memory that goes up to 128 MB and out of this, near about 32 MB is enough to store all the information regarding your contact list, the worksheets and documents, and schedule your calendars however you need to have more memory to access other PDA features such as the photos, videos and your mp3 files. Display is also an important part of the features offered by the PDA phones and the recent innovation are the stretch display which offers more viewing area.

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