February 24, 2010

Choose one between PDA Smartphones

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Although the market is full of smartphones all around which are ready to handle all the computing apace but is not so that the PDAs have gone completely extinct. There is a huge difference between a PDA and a Smartphone and people don’t realise it. They just go and but anything and later suffer. Hence before you sent your mind for PDA smartphones, do try to be clear with each and every aspect. A Smartphone is a device that is fully loaded with all the features of a normal phone and PDA and it is you who has to decide whichever you go for.

The Smartphone are cell phones which provide very high end performance and hence are not advisable for anyone and everyone. They have advanced features like GPRS, internet, Wi-Fi and other factors like 3G though a PDA phone is not the same. The PDA smartphones are very highly organised phones and they demand to have a touch screen for data entry. However the smartphones can easily go with normal keypads. It is also that the PDA phones are generally cheaper than the smartphones as you have lot many applications in the smartphones and also wireless subsidies are available in them.

The smartphones access with the help of cellular network which is same as a normal cell phone. They are also enriched with data plan which is wireless in nature. This enables them to surf web from any place which has a cellular signal. However on the other and the PDA smart phones does not work with the help of cellular network and thus they are not as efficient to provide Internet access as the smartphones. It is often found that the smartphones are connected to a carrier’s network however it is not the same with PDAs as they do not face any problem with change in wireless.

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