March 4, 2010

New Smartphones Engulfing the Mobile Industry

Posted in smart phone at 8:44 am by grace

These days market is full of companies offering loads of varieties in new smartphones which are eager to engulf the whole world in their fever. As each day passes by, these smartphones come up with some or the other new found technology and never give a chance to let the users get free of their allurement. These smartphones are a boon for the geeks and they will feel as if a dream has come true. Smartphones have made easier to access lot many things around and hence the technological boom gained by these phones is outstanding. Everything in the world feels closer and accessible when you have a smartphone in hand.

A smart phone is a somewhat imitation of a PC. The capabilities of a smartphone are like a PC and hence you can say that it is a convergence of a PC and a mobile handset. There are no such definition standards for these new smartphones but when you use it, you can yourself analyze what a smartphone actually means. Some people believe that a smartphone is an operating system which provides a definite interface and along with this there is a huge platform to develop applications. However others feel that smartphone is a device which has many advanced features such as accessing fast internet, using mails, an excellent VGA connector etc.

In other words we can say that these new smartphones are a miniature of a computer and are well equipped with all the facilities of a phone as well. Their high capabilities and powerful processors along with great operating system have washed away the memory of a normal phone for many years. People have gone crazy with these smartphones and are just dying to have one so as to show the luxury of their pocket. Using a smartphone is a luxury as well as great comfort.


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