March 5, 2010

Latest Touch Phones

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HTC is that such a brand that stands to be extremely prominent among the users of the mobile phones as it offers the handsets of the best capabilities. The brand has come up with the latest touch phones with extremely comprehensive features which are hard to be beaten by any kind of touch phone rolled out by any other brand. The touch phones that the brand has come up with is a class apart and comes out to be a stand out in the crowd of mobile phones that keep on emerging almost every month.

Amongst the best and latest touch phones produced by the brand, HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch HD stand to be the best. Both the phones have such features incorporated in them which make them out of the ordinary touchphones altogether. For instance, the trendy HTC Touch Diamond is quipped with a fine picture resolution of 480X640 pixels and comes with a 2.8 inches wide screen to allow you a clear visibility of the menu options available on it. Besides this, such a high picture resolution offers high-definition pictures which you would love to treasure in your mobile for a lifetime. Added this, it comes with a 3.2 mega pixel camera that would give you the best photography experience which you would have never had before.

One more handset to come in line with the latest touch phones designed by the HTC is the HTC which stands to be extra stylish for giving you the most out of the ordinary experience. The touch phone comes with a 5 mega pixel camera which supports auto focus, to lend you the best of the photography experience. Besides this, it comes with an enhanced LCD which is 3.8 wide. Plus, it comes with an excellent resolution of 480X800 pixels to give you the best of the images so that your memorable moments are always captured in the best manner possible.


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