March 9, 2010

Choose the Best Smartphones

Posted in PDA at 1:19 am by grace

We all know that if we try to browse the market for a cell phone, we will come across innumerable varieties. The latest sensation of all these are smartphones. These smartphones have ultimate calibre and possibilities. Intelligent users are aware of the fact that it is not enough to carry cell phone and even a PDA. If you carry both of them, it is useless as even then you will not get benefitted. Hence it is better to go for best smartphones available in market. It is an all in one device and it will lighten your load to a great extent.

Working with these smartphones is marvellous. No matter what you want to access, whether it an organiser or an e-mail and internet device and the same time the basic cell phone functions. All can be done easily and efficiently by a Smartphone. There are lot many companies swimming in the pool of this market but the first name in the category of best smartphones that pops up in one’s head is Apple iPhone 3GS. This phone is very fast and its new features and great battery life are getting appreciated a lot. It is an excellent choice for Smartphone lovers.

Then the next model is of Motorola Droid which holds a special place among the best smartphones available in market. If we compare all the Androids that are swarming in the market these days, it is known that Motorola Droid is the most powerful of them all. This Android phone offers such features that the touch screen phones will surely get jealous of it. The next on e is HTC Nexus which also claims to have best features and when it comes to Android, it surely does possess. There are others such as RIM BlackBerry and Palm Pre along with models of Sony Ericson which are also working well.

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