March 11, 2010

Best Touch Phones

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Since time immemorial, history has never come onto such a phase as today when almost every mobile phone company is coming with its best touch phones to be in competition. Known to be the trailblazer in the mobile phone industry, Nokia has come up with two dazzling touch phones the comprehensively excellent 5800 and the extremely awesome N97. On the other hand, time and again a number of people are under the fake impression that the Nokia 5800 stands to be the first ever mobile phone to be quipped with touch screen.

The reality is exactly reverse to what people think. In spite of manufacturing the best touch phones, the company seems to be lacking in quantity and the variety of touch phones manufactured by it. Beginning from the 7700, people have seldom come across phones with touch screen if they are from the brand of Nokia. Coming on to the Nokia 5800, the phone is awesomely made for enhanced quality of video and music which would be the best buy for those who love to carry fun in their pockets. Besides this, it comes with 3.2 inches wide LCD display which offers a clear visibility of the options available inside the phone.

The next one to come in line with the best smart phones manufactured by the company Nokia is the ever-elegant N97 which comes with best of the mobile capabilities which you would have ever experienced in any other mobile phone. The phone makes use of Symbian S60 Touch interface and wraps it up inside the covering of a comprehensive and stylish smart phone. Besides this, it comes with a 3.5 inches wide LCD display, an obvious QWERTY keypad and an enhanced camera of 5 mega pixels. The touch phone provides best of the music quality and a wide array of multimedia features, being the best buy both for corporate as well as ordinary users.


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