March 15, 2010

PDA Apps Available for Your Phone

Posted in PDA at 2:08 am by grace

While you have a smart and lavishing PDA in your hand, it is essential to have great PDA Apps in your phone so that you can access lot many functions and gain benefits from the stunning features available in your smartphone. Your phone is like just any other normal cell phone in the absence of good applications which can bring a whole new world of technology to your door. These software or applications are a must have for your pocket PC and just as a computer is useless without software, in the same way your PDA will turn out to be nothing but a simple and very normal cell phone.

There are lot many websites which provide you free download of great software and PDA apps which can enhance with functioning of your PDA phone. You can download Glass Player which is a great alternative to the normal mp3 players which are nothing but java devices. Then you can download the software for the data recovery of your sim card. In case you have lost the contact numbers or any other important data from your cell phone, this special software can rediscover all for you. You can use ringtone convertors for your mobile which can enable you to convert all the media files available into amr, mmf or normal mp3.

Apart from these PDA apps, you have the basic applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Reader, eBooks Express, Pocket HAL, Pocket Snook, Conversions in Hand and Pocket PC creations which are essential and must have in a PDA phone. These applications open a door of new technology and new aspects which you have never ever witnessed. You can upload these applications from the websites or even the mobile dealers and get going with fast and new era of technology which is knocking continuously at your door.


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