March 18, 2010

Top Smartphones Available in the Industry

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Wherever and you and whichever direction you look, the market is enriched with smartphones all around and everyday new possibilities are arriving in the market with the launch of new models by the companies.  The power of the mobile phones has risen with the arrival of these smartphones. However the market is overflowed by if we analyse properly, we would come to the conclusion that all the models present in the market are not worth appreciating. There are some top smartphones which are enfolding the market and attracting everyone with their special features and great applications.

Some statistics state that the global mobile industry might be worth of around $200bn with the arrival of 2012. This shows the growth of this market and the nearest future of this industry too. However if we conduct a survey, we would come to know that the mobile industry has a limited number of best smart phones and the first one in the list of top smartphones is Motorola Droid. It has a shallow keyboard which functions well and also has the calibre to impress everyone with its strong web features and a striking display with a screen 3.7 inch wide.

Then we have Apple iPhone 3GS which does not have a keyboard and is provided with a touch screen facilities. It is a great evolution for the past phones launched by Apple. The next one in the list of top smartphones is Google Nexus One. This phone is amazing and keeps everyone stunned with its AMOLED display. Its performance level is great. However there are some network issues but can be ignored. Next we have Motorola Cliq which is a very lavishing and appears like a dream phone of a butterfly while it faces some problems with its interface. The next is RIM BlackBerry which is also fine and demands onetime try.

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