March 31, 2010

Get the Best Touch Phone

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:16 am by grace

The technology has kept improving itself and we have been enjoying the fruits of this development. When the touch technology came to be known to people, it became a rage to keep phones equipped with that technology. With further development and research, we now have this technology in many phones with a price much affordable. Earlier what we knew about the best touch phone, it was restricted to the Apple’s iPhone. We dreamt of touch phones in the format of Apple. However, now there are many in the market to choose from. The prices are not that high as that of Apple, which makes this dream affordable as well.

When going for something apart from the iPhone, you can consider Dare by LG. though the features are much less than those which are in the iPhone, still it is a good deal to go for. They have restrictions over what you can download in your phone. Only the content that is favored by Verizon can be taken into the mobile. Also, the space available for storing is very less, that is only 148 MB. If this is compared to our dream version of the touch phone you shall be very disappointed. However, there are other features which make LG Dare amongst the best touch phone. The screen and the keyboard of the phone remind you well of the touch phones.

The third choice in the list of best touch phone is by the HTC. It is the touch diamond, which is still not released in Europe. This stands next to the iPhone when you look at it. The thickness of the phone is almost half of that of iPhone. Not only this, the memory space is better than that of LG. they have four gigabytes of memory. Also, the camera which comes along with this is quite nice.


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