April 8, 2010

Compare touch phone and get the best one for yourself

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When we compare touch phone we do exactly on the parameters which we do for any other phone. We shall talk about the physical appearance and the technical features which are incorporated in the block. Almost every company that is in the market for cell phones has came up with the touch phone version of their own, each of them going for a different market segment. This makes the whole composition of each model very different form the other. The attempt by nokia in this field is known by the name Xpress Music 5800. When we compare touch phone by nokia to that by Apple, we realize that it is built on the similar idea, to bring music to the user.

They have worked on the basic Xpress music model and brought it to this level, just the way iPhone was built on the grounds of iPod. The Xpress music 5800 comes with a camera as well. The resolution of the camera is 3.2 Megapixel, and it also has the provision of dual LED flash and works for both, the stills and videos. Available in three colors, the phone comes along with a mini USB connectivity and screen of 3.2inches.

When we compare, we come next to the Storm by Blackberry. They have tried their hands on the entertainment segment with this phone. They were earlier associated with hardcore business related features, however this time they have incorporated some other things. They have a three point two megapixel camera with flash and autofocus facility. They also have a good range for storage space. The smart phone comes with a storage space of 1GB in built in the phone. You can increase the memory by another 16 GB with the help of a SD card. This makes it quite comparable to the iPhone. When we compare touch phone we should not leave out the Touch Diamond by HTC. Which has left the iPhone far behind in terms of appearance.


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