April 13, 2010

Be Informed About the Latest Touch Phones with Touch Phone Reviews

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:23 am by grace

After the iPhone got popular in the market, everyone wanted it. People dreamt of the iPhone if they ever dreamt of any gadget. But now, this technology is being provided by almost every company which involves in cell phones. They all have incorporated the touch technology and now are in the market against the iPhone. In this touch phone reviews we shall compare the various versions in the market against the actual iPhone.

When we do the touch phone reviews, we find that none of the companies have replicated the concept of iPhone. Every company has identified its own market segment and targeted on that. Hence when you read touch phone reviews, you would find that none stand very close to the iPhone. However, they make the concept of iPhone more usable and affordable.

The first in the list is an Xpress Music version by nokia. They have introduced the Xpress Music 5800, based on the concept of iPhone- to bring music to the user. Songs of any format can be played on this gadget, which is not the case with iPhone. In the gadget from apple only iTunes work. However, this phone gives you the flexibility to get along with any format.

Then there is another on the list which gives a very stiff competition to iPhone. This is the BlackBerry Storm 2. They have incorporated all the facilities that would attract any professional. It has very efficiently provided the provision of wireless access and emails. This is the first time that they have tried their hands on the entertainment segment of the cell phone. And this is to believe that they have done a very good job. What makes it neck to neck in competition with the iPhone is that it is quite cheaper than it. The features are also of the top notch. Hence they are very certain to attract few of the buyers of iPhone.


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