April 19, 2010

Best PDA Phones That Fit in Well To Your Mobile Needs

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:48 am by grace

When going in the market to buy any gadget you always wish to know the best in the market. You always compare amongst the various options while you look for the best in the market. This is similar when you are planning to buy a PDA for yourself. The PDA stands for the personal digital assistant, which is also known as the palm top amongst the masses. It is actually the mobile device for the management of information and can also connect to the internet.

Many companies have come up with their versions of PDA, all having different compositions of features. Some have a touch screen and some do not, as per their composition. The first PDA to be known to people was Apple Newton, with the feature for touch screen. Then was the Nokia 9000 Communicator which was not having the touch screen feature.

Other company that had PDAs in the market is Blackberry. To know the best PDA you would need to know what your needs are. The Blackberry provides you with best PDA which have phone incorporated in them. You do not have to keep two different gadgets for different uses. You can use a single gadget for all the purposes. This makes the PDAs more compatible and usable. The latest in the range of PDAs from blackberry is the Storm. It is having a good storage area which helps it work very well for this purpose. You can upgrade the memory by 16GB by adding a SD card to the phone. It is also equipped with a camera which makes it available for entertainment purposes as well. You do not need to carry a separate phone along with this; the camera has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. Some other in the market, the best PDA is by the companies – Nokia, O2, Palm and HTC.


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