April 27, 2010

Latest Smart Phone Touch Screen

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:18 am by grace

Touch screen phones have added new level to the phoning. They have allowed users to manage things effectively and at faster speed. Blackberry has launched a new Latest Smart Phone Touch Screen in the market. The Blackberry 9000 is among the best phone of Blackberry. It is business friendly and offers the users with complete email solution. They could be updated from anywhere anytime. Its QWERTY keypad of nice leather material is the best feature of this phone. This phone is available in black color only. It gives the phone an official and business look for professional touch. This phone is not so cheap as compared to other phones of the same group. The features of the phone and technologies included make it costlier.

It has 2.6” wide display with 5* zoom and flash. This Latest Smart Phone Touch Screen has 65,000 colors and 480*320 pixels resolution. This phone is 114*66*14 mm in size and 133 gram in weight. The right side of the phone features digital camera and dual volume key. The left side of the phone has many more functions. The phone saves the images at a very fast speed and better resolution. The phone has Transmissive and HVGA TFT LCD. Being a costly phone, thus, it is protected by broad metallic frame.

This Latest Touch Phone has high multimedia system. This phone is easy to install, it supports games and applications. It has 35 different kinds of keys and they are placed very nicely. The metallic corners of the phone provide a complete official look to the phone. This is a complete new generation phone allowing access to the internet at a faster speed. These phones are also available online. This phone allows video conferencing also. The phone is loaded with advanced software, which allows the user to manage things effectively.


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