May 6, 2010

The Latest Smartphones Apps are things that make your phone ahead of others

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:50 am by grace

Buying a smartphone itself makes you ahead of others and after that as well you can add a number of applications to it that can make your life a lot more interesting and easier. You can in fact get the Latest Smartphones Apps and do almost anything with your mobile. You will in fact once get used to it and later think that how was you able to live without it.

One of the best and the Latest Smart phones Apps is shazam. With this application you can listen to the music and the even get into the details of it. You can not only analyze the content and the name and the details of the track, but also then you can buy it from a store. Another great application is the Box Net. This is the nifty application and with this you can have a free access to a file of up to 16 GB. This means you will not have to download it in order to vie it and you can keep the memory of your phone free for other things. Another very interesting and the Latest Smartphones Apps is the check pleases application. With this you will not have to worry about calculating the bill and who pays how much when you are going out with your friends. In fact this application even lets you calculate the tip.

Another very interesting application is the clap and seeks application. This is for those who keep losing their phone and then go crazy searching for it in their own houses. With this whenever you lose your cell phone you just have to clap and the phone will beep and you can easily find its location.

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