May 12, 2010

What are the new touch phone features?

Posted in smartphone, touch phone at 1:48 am by grace

Technology have changed and so the mobile phones. These days <a href=””&gt;smartphones</a> that most popular are <a href=””>touch phones</a>. The main reason for the popularity of these touch phones are the New Touch Phone Features like touch screen, stylus for writing, LCD screen, etc. It is important to take care of all these features if you want your touch phone to last longer. Besides these there can be many additional features of touch screen mobiles but then they vary with the manufacturers. 

Among the New Touch Phone Features the most important is the stylus. It’s better to maximize stylus usage so that you can avoid dirt settling on your screen. Another advantage of using stylus is that it prevents and protects the screen from all kinds of stains that may result from sweaty or oily hands. It is also important to use the stylus in appropriate.  You need to handle the stylus in an upright position to touch screen. Treat in a way as you hold a pen. Avoid touching the screen with your fingers because the touch screen of your phones is very sensitive. Moderate pressure is enough to tap and press the touch screen.

Some other New Touch Phone Features are their unique design that has made them smaller than their ancestors. Most of the devices now have 3.2 inch screen with the aspect ratio 16:9.pixel resolution of such touch screen is near about 480*854 of the pixels. The most famous feature of such phones is that the screen is extended in such a way that there is no room for buttons. Besides this, this cellular phone also has GPS connectivity, 5 mega pixel of camera, Wi-Fi and HSPA. These types of handsets are preloaded with many interesting as well as useful applications.

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