July 8, 2010

History of Smart Phones-How it Became Smart

Posted in smart phone, touch phone at 1:48 am by grace

With the additional features that the smart phone possess it has overruled the use of the common cell phone. The outstanding smart cell phone features that force the individual to Buy Smart Phone are as follows:

Operating System: A Smartphone is based on such an OS that makes it run applications based on productivity like BlackBerry OS is run by the Smartphone like BlackBerry and the other Smart phones, which are the latest touch screen phones also works on the same principle, while Windows Mobile are run by the other devices. There are other OSes of Smartphone that are the versions of desktop Linux, which are pared down.

Software- All types of cell phones include some or the other type of software like even the common models include contact manager or address book for instance, but the smart phone have much more capability than that. It allows the user to edit or create the documents in Microsoft Office or to view files. It also allows the user to download the different applications like business and personal finance managers, or you can also modify photos or to make a playlist of tunes that are digital.

Web Access: Smart phones with the help of the Wi-Fi support and addition of networks of 3G data can make the web access at quite high-speed. While all Smart phones make some sort of web access, but not necessary that all make it at a higher speed. You can all use the browse facility for your favorite site with the help of the Smart phone.

QWERTY Keyboard: The Smart phone possess QWERTY keyboard, which means that like the keyboard of computer the keys are arranged in the same manner and not in the alphabetical order. Messaging- A Smart phone can handle the e-mail, besides the feature of receiving and sending text messages.


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