August 6, 2010

Some advance features of Smart phones

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:59 am by grace

If you are technology seeking peoples and you always want new technologies in your hand than what are you waiting for, why are you using normal cell phones. Just go to the market and check out you can easily find new Smart phone integrated with new and latest technologies. Stop using normal cell phones just migrate toward new Smart Phones. These phones are here to replace old cell phones from the market. In past few years, old cell phones were considered as the height of the new technology, but with the changing technology and arrival of new PDA phone cell phones seem to be obsolete.

A smart phone is the integration of innumerable features with normal cell phone. There is a long list of the features and uses of Smart phone and some of them are:-

PDA phones have large number of messaging option, you can send voice message, you can send normal text message, chat on MSN and yahoo is also available on smart phone and you can also send and receive emails. You can connect to your email id and can send faxes also. A person can also open any Internet site on his or her smart phone. The smart phone is operated by some special device which allow you to read business documents in formats like spread sheet, text document and etc., and it is also possible to make edition and deductions from the document. There is a keyboard similar to which is available in the computers and laptops, known as QWERTY board is available on this smart phone. It also has a LCD screen with high resolution which provides you high quality display of images and videos.

There is one more feature which is available in a smart phone and that is digital camera. Smart phones are available with built in digital cameras. You can take photograph and video of your site by your staff members when you are not on site. There is a Bluetooth in the smart phone which helps in wireless connection and it also allows you receive and send data from and to similar devices such as PCs, Macs, laptop or some other cell phones.


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