August 12, 2010

3G Vs 2G Mobile phones

Posted in smart phone, smartphone at 3:53 am by grace

Every is familiar with the two terms 3G and 2G smartphones and it stands for the generation. Let’s start from the beginning of the evolution of these two systems. In the year of 1910 a person fitted a phone in his car and when he was traveling in car, he stopped at a place and connects the telephone lines with the electricity wires and accesses the national telephone network. It is considered that it was the birth of cell phone. A fully automatic mobile phone known as MTA was first developed and used in Sweden in 1956. it had a weight of 40 kg. Even it was fully automatic but still it was not get so popular. After 9 years an upgraded version of Cell phone was introduced and had a weight of 9 kg. But it was shut down in 1983 and at that time it had 600 customers.

In 1990 second generation cell phone was introduced. It makes it possible to access faster network signal by using digital circuit switched transmission. As it entered in the market, First generation mobile phones rapidly closed. At that time brick phones get disappeared from the market and peoples get migrated towards small handy Mobile Phones with a weight of 100-200 grams. It becomes possible with the help of efficient electronics, cellular sites with higher density and advanced battery. Main advanced feature which was new in the second generation mobile phone you can send text message via using second generation mobile phone.

After few years, project on third generation PDA phones get started. In this process concentration was on standardization of requirements and not on technology. The first pre-commercial third generation network was launched in 2001 in Japan, Tokyo and after that commercial third generation mobile was launched on 1 October, 2001 in Japan. In 2007 there were 300 million users of Third generation mobile phone. Third generation mobiles generate revenue of 120 billion $ in the year 2007. The main reason which makes these third generation phones so popular is the speed in which the files are downloaded and transferred from Internet which is quite faster than second generation mobile phones. It is the most advanced technology available.


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