August 13, 2010

Comparison of mobile phone with landlines

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Mobile phone has become a very important thing in our daily life. A person will feel incomplete if he or she does not carry his or her mobile phone with his or her. It comes in the category of our daily life using products. Now a day, you can see small children playing with Mobile phones. There are toys related to mobile phones available in the market for children. Many years ago, peoples were used to landlines and buying a mobile phone was quite expensive. But now, it is the time when you cannot imagine your life without Cell phone.

Now buying a mobile phone is affordable and the price a person pays is comparatively negligible. It is a debatable issue that a mobile phone is better or a landline connection is better. The first advantage of mobile phone over landlines connection is the mobility it serves. A person can carry his or her mobile phone with him or her but caring a land line while traveling is not possible as it is connected with a wire which cannot be detached. With the help of a mobile phone a person can communicate to anytime and from anywhere.

There are many more advantages that a mobile phone serves and some of them are instantly making call, general convenience, personal safety and many more. You can stay connected with your dear and near. With the help of instant calling life become easier. Landlines cannot compete with the features offered by mobile phones. Mobile phones simplified everything and the world feels like shrunk in a global village. For instance, someone wants to contact his or her staff for business deals urgently, it will be very convenient for him or her if he or she is carrying Mobile phones. Now a day, a person can make video conferencing on mobile phone and also they can do video call using mobile phone. A person can record video and audio also on cell phone and also he or she can view and listen to those recordings. With the help of Bluetooth a person can also share videos, photos, audio and many other data.


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