August 17, 2010

History of Cell phones

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The history of the Mobile phone is based on the radio technology which was first developed in 1940’s. The base of the Mobile phones can be traced from the innovation used in the police cars, taxi cabs and some other vehicles. In these vehicles two way radio systems was used to communicate with central base or with someone else. Earlier phone calls were made by patching special radios into phone lines through live operators.

The first cell phone was used in 1946 by Swedish police in Sweden. It was the first official cell phone. This technology was distinctive from two way radio technique and it was connected to telephone network. This phone was not so advanced; it can make only 6 phone calls before battery of the car drained.

In the starting hexagonal cells were created for the modern mobile phones in the year 1947 by Bell labs. Later, some another engineer introduced cell tower which can receive and transmit signals from three directions. Bi-directional antennas were old now. The electronic system which was used in cell phone was first discovered in 1960’s. In 1967 cell phone technology was available but users cannot move their cell phones from one cell area to another. They have to stay at one cell area with one cell phone. Base stations were unable to hand off phone calls from one base station to another. In 1970 first call hand off system was discovered by an engineer. With the help of this technology a person can continue calling from one place to other without dropping the call.

Throughout the decades, many of the technologies introduced for the advancement of cell phones. These phones were mostly installed in vehicles because these phones require large battery. For example, the mobile Telephone System A (MTA) was developed in Sweden during 1950’s. But unfortunately, this phone system had more than 80 pounds of weight. Latest designed cell phone weight only 20 pounds and more engineers are trying to do more and more work on it to make it lighter. Many of the advanced features are installed in mobile phones. Now you can also send text messages from your phone to another phone.


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