August 30, 2010

New Touch Phones GPS

Posted in smart phone, touch phone at 5:15 am by grace

The New Touch Phones GPS have been launched shortly. This unique phone has is been launched by HTC. The phone has the latest Touch Cruise technology. “Touch” in the sense of FLO Interface and “Cruise”, due to the phone is GPS enabled. This phone is lying above the Windows Mobile 6 Foundation. It comes up with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 3 MP camera, Bluetooth, Micro SD expansion with 2.8” touch screen. As the phone is equipped with such advanced technique, the company has launched in selected countries. It has been launched mainly in European countries only. HTC has line up some new gems with the Touch Cruise. One of them is Android 2.1; it is the cousin of renowned Nexus One.

The smart phones of this series are equipped with some common features. They have the same processor, 1,400 Ah battery, 5MP auto focus camera, 512 MB ROM and AMOLED screen. The Nexus One’s touch sensitive phone is mostly preferred with keys, because its touch screen is too sensitive. The New Touch Phones GPS enables the user to find specific locations through simple positioning. The GPS technique enables to track the trips with family and friends. It helps to know what’s going near us and what the people are doing. The GPS is also now available in iPod touches. This allows the user to connect the iPod with any early model of the iPod.

The application in the iPod gets easy access with Bluetooth originated GPS data. It can easily receive the Wi-Fi positioning. The Bluetooth stack implementation hooks with the iPod’s Core Location System. This software purchase lacks consistent process. The New Touch Phone GPS initially requires to read the products FAQ. One should make sure that he has disabled standard built-in Bluetooth and has enabled Core Location. This will help to run the device in better and efficient manner.


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