September 9, 2010

Top Smart Phone Features

Posted in smart phone tagged , , at 8:27 am by grace

Cell Phones have become the nerve of all of us in the modern IT world. It has not remained just a medium of communicating and talking. Instead, it has crossed the bars by allowing sharing, and managing. The Top Smart Phone Features is among the best phones featuring all the attributes. The latest Nokia N900 allows high storage capacity and eliminates the shortage of memory. It enables to save files, videos, images in the phone. It acts as virtual assistant. This phone offers sophisticated connectivity options which enables faster internet access. It is a great communicating device which also enables entertainment. The phone is of good range and capacity with good networking console.

The looks of this Top Smart Phone Features contribute in the performance. The wide screen is 3.5” supporting 16 million colors. It has 800*480 pixels resolution. Its QWERTY keyboard allows email and typing of messages easy. The size of this phone is 110*60*18 and weight 181 grams. The phone allows quite good exposure to multimedia functions. It has a 5MP camera powered with Picture Geo Tagging, Carl-Zeiss lens, flash and auto focus. These features make the phone to give effective pictures. Another camera is located above the touch screen that enables video calling with 3G technology. Also, it supports files of all formats.

This Top Smart Phone Features radio compatible to RDS function. This function enables the user to gather details of the current music track. This phone comprises of the latest technologies such as HSCSD, 3G HSDPA, GPRS, Bluetooth and many more. All these features allow the user to share and access data flawlessly. It has made web browsing more convenient as it posses WAP XHTM, HTML and RSS feeds. It has handwriting recognition software that allows remembering the handwriting. It prevents outsiders to use the phone. All this adds with the cell phone to provide security and safety to the phone.

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