September 9, 2010

Top smart phones that ruled in 2009

Posted in smart phone, smartphone at 3:34 am by grace

With a number of companies swarming on the market of smart phones, it has become incredibly tough to search out the one which can fit in all pyjamas. Smartphones are soaring immense popularity these days and hence it is important to make a thorough check to find out the Top Smart Phones which have engulfed this technology freak segment of the society. If we analyse properly, we would come to know that there are five companies which are banging the chartbusters of these smart phones.

These companies are competing high and high to claim the very first position. These days, the fifth one struggling for the ruling throne of smart phones is Palm Pre. This awaiting phone has relay come up to the expectations of the people and has “killer features”. This phone is the one responsible for bringing a fresh and new approach to the world of touch phones in the year 2009. With the help of its amazing OS, Palm Pre has turned out to be ultimately useful and at the same time a complete package rolled with multi-functions.

The next one in this list is HTC Touch Pro 2. With this incredible phone available, people may get confused as to which one to go for, HTC hero or the Touch Pro however votes will always raise higher for Touch Pro 2. Ultra clear 3.2 megapixel camera along with the latest sensation QWERTY keyboard, the purchase seems to be apt and just. This phone ranks to the position of number four in the chart of Top Smart Phones circulating presently. Of course the next model one step ahead is the product of same unit, HTC Hero which is somewhat similar to Pro in some or the other way. There is no second thought that iPhone stands to the position of number two in this list of top smartphones nevertheless we know that currently they are the market leaders with RIM Blackberry stuck to the throne of the Top Smart Phones.

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