September 13, 2010

An Overview of PDA Features

Posted in PDA at 5:52 am by grace

The PDA stands for personal digital assistant; which is majorly known as the mobile device. The PDA features which make it so indispensible for some is that it can be a computer on your palm. It is actually a mobile device which connects to the internet and manages your personal information. This is what makes a basic PDA, however, with the ever evolving technology there are many other features which are incorporated into it and are now synonymous to PDA features.

A typical PDA phones features list contains a touch screen, which would be used for entering data into the phone. It is bound to have a slot for storage card. This would help them increase the available space in the gadget. Then it should also have a connectivity feature, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is what becomes typical of a PDA, however there are few features which can be incorporated into the device or reduced from the device as per the need. For example many PDAs which are being used as cell phones as well, do not have the provision of touch screen. They would be using the regular soft key pads.

When we talk about the software requirement under the PDA features it includes a to-do list, a calendar to keep the record of the appointments, a log of all the addresses and a type of note program. Also, the PDAs which have the feature of connectivity to internet also have the facility of Emails. The term PDA was coined when Apple came up with its new product, the Apple Newton, back in the year 1992. After that it was nokia which came up with a fully functional PDA mobile phone, the 9000 communicator. This model by nokia was well known by everyone who thought of the business phone.

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