September 16, 2010

Make Things Possible with a Simple Touch with PDA Touch Screen

Posted in PDA, touch phone at 6:59 am by grace

PDAs had revolutionized the way we communicate and mange our work. It came as a boon for all the corporate professional and businessmen who had to manage a lot of things side by side. This helped them stay connected to their people and work in all the spheres of the world. The first company which came up with something called as a PDA was Apple. They used this term for their Apple Newton, which was introduced in the market in the year 1992. Then in the year 1996 Nokia came up with its 9000 Communicator.

They had redefined the way people knew business and cell phones. The typical feature which became very synonymous to the PDAs was the PDA touch screen. This feature was generally made a part of the cell phones which were incorporated into the PDAs. The Apple Newton and the Palm Pilot featured the touch screen. They had no button except a few which helped in creating shortcuts for few features. Even the mobile devices by windows had this facility of touch screen in them. All the PDA touch phone screen devices have a detachable stylus with them which was to be used on the screens. Except for the touch screen there are still other ways to enter the information in the PDAs. It can be the virtual keyboard on the screen, which works by the tapping of the keys. You can also have the keyboard attached to your PDA with the help of the USB or Bluetooth. The other ways are hit and trial in their application and hence not very acceptable.

Not only has the Apple, even Blackberry had this facility on their phones. They have range of business phones for the users and almost all are PDA touch screen models. They also come with another facility of emails which is push-based.

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